The Secret to Native Success

Bidtellect has built the world’s greatest Native Advertising Platform.  Our Client Services team has put together some basic tactics to set you up for Native Success!
By:  Nick Bollettieri, Dee Brodsky, Kristen McDonnell, John Sorrell and Jennifer Zeidler


Establish Clear Goals


Follow Specs


Educate and Bring Value


Appealing & Eye Catching Imagery/Create a Connection


Attention Grabbing Content

The Do's

The Do’s and Don’t of Native Advertising

Establish Clear Goals

In order to achieve the best performance and get the best results, establishing your goals from the very beginning and optimize towards them will set you up for success.

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Video starts / Completes
  • Traffic

Follow Specs

Full Spec Sheet Located Here.


Ensures that you will have access to all Available Inventory


Ads fit the form & feel of page


Creates a better ecosystem of advertisers & supply


Use “Sponsored by”


Performance is stronger

What is the Goal of Your Campaign?

The 3 R’s
(Educating the Consumer)






(Conversion Focused)





Video Plays

Educate and Bring Value to your Audience

Would this ad be comparable in substance to the surrounding publisher editorial content?
In order for it to be truly Native, the ad must not only fit the form and function of the page – but also fit within the existing content surrounding it.
Is the landing page informative or have entertainment value outside of the product or service being sold?
When you provide entertainment value outside the product or service sold, you earn customer trust and loyalty.
Would this image and copy draw you to the landing page?
Attention grabbing headlines and images will is that initial draw that will bring consumers to your landing page.
Would you feel misled by this ad once you got to the landing page?
You are trying to earn the trust and loyalty of consumers, never mis lead them – they are smarter than that!
Would you share the ad or the landing page with friends or social media?
It’s evident that passion is linked to social sharing.  Think first – “is this something I would share?” before you ask others to do so.
Do you feel an emotional connection with the content or narrative on the page?
Creating connections to consumers is what you are trying to achieve.  If you aren’t emotionally connected to the content, then you can’t expect others to be.
Would you remember the story conveyed on the landing page?
Make it sticky! Make it memorable.
Is the call to action on the landing page easy to get to?
Don’t make the conversion process difficult.
Would you complete the conversion event in your personal browser?
Again, you can’t expect others to do something if you aren’t willing to.

          Appealing and Eye

          Catching Imagery


Create a connection!

Unbranded Images / No Logos


Talk to your Audience


Clear & Uncluttered Pictures


No Text

Image and Landing are Cohesive