Bidtellect is excited to announce the expansion of our Native video suite, now the most comprehensive offering in the market. Marketers can choose from three distinct video products when delivering high-performing, targeted video content to consumers: Native In-Feed, Native Autoplay Preview and Outstream Video Autoplay.

Bidtellect’s Native video suite will help marketers drive ROI on video content and achieve real results from their audience. With Bidtellect’s platform, buyers are able to utilize all three formats in one advertising program, and with assistance from Bidtellect performance analytics professionals, managed service and optimization algorithms, can allocate budget based on the highest performing formats for each campaign’s KPI.

“We have invested significant time and resources into developing a market-leading suite of Native video products in response to consumers spending an increasing amount of time with online video content, particularly on their mobile devices,” said Lon Otremba, CEO of Bidtellect. “In the age of ad blocking, it is critical that marketers have the tools to create high-quality Native video experiences that the consumer can control. Bidtellect is an innovator and pioneer in the Native market, and we’re excited to expand marketers’ Native capabilities with the most robust Native video product set available in the marketplace.”
Bidtellect’s comprehensive Native video suite enables marketers to deliver highly targeted campaigns at scale across multiple differentiated formats:

  1. Native In-Feed is ideal for marketers that want to distribute long-form content (90 seconds or longer) across the web.  The click-to-play format is user-initiated and pre-qualifies consumer interest in the content. These are premium In-Feed placements on both desktop and mobile.
  2. Native Autoplay Preview allows users to preview short-form content before deciding to engage with the video. Users preview short-form content before deciding to engage and must click to expand the video, enabling marketers to identify audiences who chose to engage with their video.
  3. Outstream Video Autoplay positions video assets within sections of a site where consumers are actively consuming content, enabling marketers to align their message with consumer interest. The video will start playing when it is 50% in view and stop playing when it is 50% out of view,  providing cost-efficient video completion rates.

“Bidtellect has quickly become a key strategic partner for us when delivering video content for our clients,” said Sarah North at Empower MediaMarketing. “Their optimization technology coupled with premium scale always delivers results against our clients’ KPIs. In addition, their world-class account services team consistently helps us identify challenges and create innovative solutions to ensure maximum ROI on every campaign. High-quality video has been a major challenge for the industry, but Bidtellect’s solution has proven to be extremely successful.”
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