Each quarter we provide a high-level overview of the Native Advertising ecosystem so that marketers can have a deeper understanding of their content distribution strategies. This quarter, in addition to trends in Standard Native and Native Video campaigns, we incorporated the utilization of data in content marketing as advertisers invest heavily in data to ensure precise targeting throughout the consumer funnel.
Native advertising has often been perceived as an upper-funnel strategy used to increase brand awareness. However, content now sits at the center of brands’ marketing campaigns and is used to connect and engage with consumers at all stages of the consumer lifecycle. Layering in data segments and retargeting strategies enables marketers to reach target audiences with their content, deliver sequential messaging as a consumer moves down the funnel and ultimately drive results.

Here are the 3 main trends we found for the Q1 2017 report:

Data is Playing an Increasingly Important Role in Content Distribution 
The use of data targeting in Native advertising campaigns has grown significantly throughout the past year. As Native advertising has emerged as a major player in brand’s marketing strategies, advertisers have begun to apply the same tactics from traditional display advertising to their content distribution strategies.
data in native advertising
B2B Advertisers Are Investing More Heavily in Account-Based Marketing
Since integrating with Bombora and D&B and offering Account-Based Marketing we have seen a 340% increase in utilization throughout Q1. B2B campaigns have seen tremendous success with Native, now driving even greater results with more precise targeting through account-based marketing.

Retargeting is a Valuable Element for Brands’ Direct Response Native Campaigns
When Native first emerged many viewed it as single faceted, only used for brand awareness and upper-funnel campaigns. But as Native has gained widespread adoption with advertisers and publishers it has proved itself as an invaluable part of any campaign, regardless of the objective (Direct Response, Conversions, Brand Awareness etc.)

retargeting in native advertising
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