Enhance Your Visual Storytelling with Captivating Images

What is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraph literally means part cinema (moving image) and part photograph (static image). The format combines the movement of a video with the stillness of an image. One part of the image moves in a seamless loop, while the rest of the image remains still. This merging of static and moving image is attention grabbing, visually attractive and captures the viewer.

What are the benefits?

Cinemagraphs are highly effective at telling a short story, conveying a specific setting and causing viewers to feel as if they are physically there. Additionally, they are much more cost effective than full length videos. One advertising agency found through research that cinemagraph content tends to have more virality, with 71% higher organic reach than still photographs.

Cinemagraphs in Action:

Proven Performance: The cinemagraph creative for a leading Internet Services Provider finished with a .61% CTR overall and an ROI of 200%+. (this ran on mobile).
There are two ways we can get started:
1) utilizing client video
2) purchasing a cinemagraph video. Video must be shot on a tripod. The camera can’t move but the content can. We take the video assets and create frames to export as an animated .gif. From there, we launch a visually compelling campaign and drive results for your brand!

Cinemagraph Ad Specs:

Animated .gif file
File Size under: 10 MB (Maximum 5 seconds long (looped)
Headline: 60 Characters
Description: 120 Characters
Landing Page URL
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