Bidtellect’s Latest “Forecasting 2.0” Contextual Optimization Technology is ‘Unmatched’ In Complexity, Elegance, and Effectiveness
This week, after much anticipation, Bidtellect announced the release of the latest and most advanced contextual targeting technology for its Native Demand-Side platform: Forecasting 2.0. Forecasting 2.0 advances previous generation functionality and features a wide range of selectable targeting and allowability options, as well as a true bid landscape showing estimated volume and spend for one day at different bid prices.

“The advanced capabilities of Forecasting 2.0 are the first of its kind across the Native and Content Delivery landscape,” says Mike Conway, Chief Technology Officer at Bidtellect.  “The complexity, elegance, and effectiveness of our solution is not offered by any of our competitors. The advanced functionality positions our clients toward elimination of upfront Ad spend on learnings at the beginning of the campaign, giving them a head start toward effective delivery.”

The technology’s forecasting capabilities allow the user to simply click ‘forecast’ after selections are made, and a graph will display Bid Price (available in CPM, CPC, vCPM, CPP, CPCV) vs. Impressions, Clicks, Spend, Viewable Impressions, Plays, and Completed Views. By showing differing results, users can tweak selections (pull a “lever” to increase or decrease scale) and thus plan a unique, customizable campaign and determine the optimal bid price.  The upside of this is twofold: for Bidtellect platform users, it allows them to explore a very specifically targeted campaign and determine its possibility at varying budget levels, and two, Bidtellect can gain further understanding of how levers in the platform impact scale and price at certain budget levels.

Targeting specifications have been heightened and expanded in location, language, preference, ad types, device type, web versus app, operating system, and browser.  Location targeting ensures the customer visiting the site location of the ad placement receives the most relevant content. Greater support is now offered for JavaScript tagging, viewability, multiple tags, and ad choices, supporting even the most specific and wide-ranging campaign goals.

“Contextual targeting is a critical tactic to drive successful Native campaigns,” says Craig Aron, Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development. “Having the ability to fully understand the Native bid landscape in a single platform gives Advertisers an edge that would be hard to obtain from a traditional display platform.”

Forecasting 2.0 further positions Bidtellect at the forefront of applying advanced data science to ad targeting optimization, as well as user- and customer-centric capability.
Read the Press Release on BusinessWire.

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