5 Reasons Why Bidtellect Should Be Your Sole Native Partner for 2019!

5 Reasons Why Bidtellect Should Be Your Sole Native Partner for 2019!


We know that content is the future of the brand/consumer relationships. Bidtellect has built the only technology platform for brands to optimize the growing opportunity. Content is the present and future of building brand/consumer relationships, and Bidtellect has built the only technology platform for brands to optimize the growing opportunity. Our Native Demand Side Platform (nDSP), was built specifically for marketers’ paid content distribution campaigns in Native. From contextual targeting down to the exact placement level to well-thought creative assets to tell a brand’s story, Bidtellect’s Native platform is your one-stop shop solution to content marketing.


Bidtellect’s platform is the single access point to the most expansive premium Native supply ecosystem, offering advanced targeting capabilities across all devices including first and third party data, contextual, behavioral and demographic. We are the only solution that offers access to all Native formats: that’s In-Feed, In-Ad, Recommendation Widget, Outstream (Auto-Play) Video, Click-to-Play Video, In-Feed Autoplay Video, Vertical Video, Scroller Unit, Carousel Unit, and coming in 2019: ISI (did we miss any?). With 38 supply partners our platform processes over 10 billion Native auctions daily across 58 million distinctly targetable placements – in the nonsocial market, there’s no longer a supply source we cannot access. (P.S. Check out why NonSocial Native is the future of the industry here.)


Optimization algorithms developed for Native advertising environments are built using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) and designed to drive performance to meet all marketers’ objectives. Enhanced analytic capabilities – made possible by our proprietary Engagement Score and partnership with Nudge – mean advertisers can analyze post-click content metrics and optimize toward or away from them based on consumer engagement behavior. The latest breakthrough optimization technology, Dynamic Creative Optimization, allows optimization towards best-performing creatives to happen in real-time. Not only that, our performance analysts experts are on hand to serve clients and create a personalized optimization strategy to guarantee success.
“After a period of not utilizing any Native advertising on our campaigns, the mid-campaign addition of Bidtellect helped to drastically improve the CPA results.” – Noah Gladstone, Dentsu Aegis Network.


As consumers seek more video content online, brands are increasing investment in digital video content creation and distribution. In-content video has proven to build brand favorability, increase purchase intent, grow brand awareness and generally provide a better user experience. Bidtellect offers three valuable video options: Outstream (Auto-Play), In-Feed Click-to-Play, and In-Feed Autoplay.


Bidtellect’s Creative Services team, [b]+studio, is available is at no cost and can create custom Native assets for campaigns. Dedicated client services team for training, planning & forecasting, support, campaign management, strategy & insights.


Our technology is constantly advancing. From vertical scroll to carousel units, our “high impact” Native assets are continuously cutting edge.

It’s the SPOOKIEST time of the year…HALLOWEEN!

It’s the SPOOKIEST time of the year…HALLOWEEN!

Trick: Time: some not-so respectful partners will…waste it!
Treat: Time is money. We respect your time, are available when you need assistance, and offer self-service options so you can tackle quick changes yourself!
Trick: Banner Blindness. Consumers tune them out – only 0.05% of users click on Banner Ads1
Treat: Native Placements in the feed of consumption in a contextually-relevant placement – since users are TWICE as likely to click them.2
Trick: Interruptive placements with irrelevant messaging. Boo!
Treat: Engaging Native ad units that offer valuable content and tell your brand’s unique story – without pushing it.
Trick: Campaigns that don’t hit your KPIs
Treat: Technology built from the ground up to not only hit KPIs from engagement to direct response, but optimize and adjust until you do (with Weighted Multiple Goal Types if you have more than one!)
Trick: Rash turnarounds with no creative assets, and no creative optimization!
Treat: Our in-house creative services team, b+[studio],Treat: Our in-house creative services team, can develop value-driven assets that tell your story and optimize accordingly!

Halloween may be the scariest day of the year, but choosing a programmatic partner doesn’t have to be! Treat yourself and Go Native!

1Source: “Average display advertising clickthrough rates”, SmartInsights; 19 Aug, 2018
2Source: “Boosting publisher revenue with native ads,” Google Ad Manager; 10 May, 2017
Best Practices That Will Get You on the Nice List

Best Practices That Will Get You on the Nice List

Get on Santa’s good side with these creative best practices for Holidays 2018.

The holidays are approaching and it can only mean one thing: gift-giving overload. As customers look for that perfect special something, advertisers know it’s their time to make their products shine. Want to get on the nice list? Use a content marketing approach + Native Ads + these top creative tips. See ya, bag of coal (or worse, sinking engagement)! This list is foolproof.

Headlines | The first (and arguably best) way to catch a shopper’s eye? The headline.

Naughty: Long (as in more than 60 characters) sentences that aren’t written in title case. And anything pushy or blatant!

Nice:  Provide value! Think: promo codes, offers, holiday sales. Also: Short and sweet! Ask questions! Be punny! Keep it eye-catching.

Images | Actually, the image is probably the first and best visual cue – so don’t slack here!

Naughty:  Text on images. Just don’t!

Nice:  Use people or animals (they are more relatable!). Think: lifestyle, authentic, and in the holiday spirit. Tug on those heart strings!

Descriptions | This is the copy under the headline – it gives a little extra information about what your product or content offers!

Naughty:  A description that’s shorter than the headline. Tsk tsk.

Nice:  Value-driven, relevant copy. Make sure your call-to-action in the description matches your KPI. Consistency is key!

Video | Work in video content!

Naughty:  Super long videos (yawn) and videos that require sound to get the message across! Not everyone has headphones in.

Nice:  Short and sweet with a clear message – conveyed with or without sound. Pro Tip: Add subtitles.

Testing | We’re talking about those optimization strategies.

Naughty:  Not testing out different creatives and KPIs for ultimate engagement. Come on now!

Nice:  Optimizing! Test those campaigns and adjust creatives and KPI based on performance for maximum engagement.

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