Trick: Time: some not-so respectful partners will…waste it!
Treat: Time is money. We respect your time, are available when you need assistance, and offer self-service options so you can tackle quick changes yourself!
Trick: Banner Blindness. Consumers tune them out – only 0.05% of users click on Banner Ads1
Treat: Native Placements in the feed of consumption in a contextually-relevant placement – since users are TWICE as likely to click them.2
Trick: Interruptive placements with irrelevant messaging. Boo!
Treat: Engaging Native ad units that offer valuable content and tell your brand’s unique story – without pushing it.
Trick: Campaigns that don’t hit your KPIs
Treat: Technology built from the ground up to not only hit KPIs from engagement to direct response, but optimize and adjust until you do (with Weighted Multiple Goal Types if you have more than one!)
Trick: Rash turnarounds with no creative assets, and no creative optimization!
Treat: Our in-house creative services team, b+[studio],Treat: Our in-house creative services team, can develop value-driven assets that tell your story and optimize accordingly!

Halloween may be the scariest day of the year, but choosing a programmatic partner doesn’t have to be! Treat yourself and Go Native!

1Source: “Average display advertising clickthrough rates”, SmartInsights; 19 Aug, 2018
2Source: “Boosting publisher revenue with native ads,” Google Ad Manager; 10 May, 2017