What a busy year it has been! From changing data privacy to the latest advances in technology, the industry has been bustling. As a Content Marketing Native DSP with a whole lot of ads to place and deliver on the cusp of the busiest shopping season of the year, we thought we’d take this chance to share what we’re grateful for this year.
We’re Thankful For:

Our Partnerships

Our 38 supply partners give us access to unparalleled scale (58 million distinct placements!) across ad formats, video, and devices, as well as further analytics and optimization capabilities! Thanks in part to them, we handle over 10 billion Native auctions daily. Thank you!


Wait… really? We are grateful for the push it gave us to really hone our contextual placement capabilities and let our Forecasting 2.0 shine. We have deeply-integrated contextual targeting by category, keyword, and placement to understand audiences at the environmental level. And we stand by IAB’s standards of data usage!

Our Award-Winning Creative Services Team

For all things creative-related, [b]+studio delivers. From creating one-of-a-kind Native ads for clients to unique landing pages and content hubs, gifs, cinemagraphs, carousel units, and beautiful infographics like these using a data-driven approach – we wouldn’t be up and running without them!

Our Engineers

Placement-level optimization technology, optimizing multiple goal types, unique Engagement Score measurement, and continuous advancements and troubleshooting…our technology and engineering teams are the brightest, hardest workers we know. They’re constant innovation is making our platform the best it can be!

Our Sales & Account Management Teams

From creating, building, and maintaining relationships from start to implementation, our dedicated teams work with our clients every step of the way from training, planning, and forecasting, to campaign management, strategy, and insights, or can take a back seat for a self-service model! We’re grateful for their personalized support system to help you reach your goals.
And an extra special shout out to…

Our Fabulous Clients

Your trust in our ability pushes us forward, and your diverse goals challenge us to improve. We hope we serve you in the best way possible. #GoNative #ContentFirst – we’ll continue to do our very best to make your business thrive. Thank you!
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