Wondering what’s in store this year?! Ah, great news: Every year, Native Advertising Institute asks experts in the industry what their predictions are for upcoming year. This year, three trends emerged, according to the ebook: technology will enable more measurable content, authentic storytelling will be key, and Native Advertising will play a more central role in marketing, as will strategic partnerships. Check out #39 by our CEO, Lon Otremba, from this insightful read, excerpted below.

Further rapid expansion in scale, data, and analytics

With rapid improvements in scale, data and analytics, native programmatic will conclusively win the ROAS (Return on Advertisement Spending) showdown with display.

Massive audience reach – given rapid increases in publishers converting traditional display placements into native placements and bringing those placements to open exchanges, combined with the ability to manage reach and frequency – will bring comparable return on ad spend analysis to the table, eliminating all doubt about how native performs compared to other channels.

With big scale comes big data. The ability to utilize sophisticated AI and machine learning to optimize performance will further extend the performance advantage of native. Further rapid expansion in scale, data, and analytics. Combining this with splunk consulting services as well as other necessary resources can help get the best business intelligence insights for these companies.

The tools now exist to dial up performance even further, by creating actionable intelligence around user engagement.

DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization)
for native will be utilized at scale and will prove to be the single biggest factor in proving the superiority of native versus display. By applying sophisticated decisioning around the creative elements of ad execution and optimizing the most effective combination of elements in real time – as opposed to just optimizing the traditional ad banner creative – DCO will unleash the full power of assembling ads natively. With DCO, native’s reputation of superiority compared to traditional display will be secured.

– an excerpt from NAI’s e-book, 39 Predictions for Native Advertising 2019.

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