How you can use Bidtellect to expand your e-commerce digital efforts and drive sales.

Don’t Restrict Inventory:

Run nationally targeted campaigns utilizing all 3 ad formats (in-feed, recommendation widget and in-ad) across all 3 devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) to ensure we are able to find relevant users at any time on any device.

Consider the Customer Journey:

Since a consideration cycle is generally required to make a purchase, supplement a prospecting strategy with retargeting to drive prospects back to the site to purchase. You may want intergrate something like cannabis payment processing – or a payment processor fitted to your specific business, to streamline their journey further. Repeated business is often the result of a positive user experience combined with native retargeting strategies. In fact, many companies will make use of customer journey mapping tools to help make this process as streamlined and user friendly as possible.

Capitalize on Company-Wide Sales and Initiatives:

Running an “always-on” tactic is an important way to continuously expand your brand reach/loyalty and drive new users to the website. Use your team to brainstorm these innovative ideas at your conference or meeting rooms and keep them coming regularly.

Make sure your team understands the importance of fresh plans. Often employees can get complacent and out of touch with the latest sales trends. This could affect the efficiency of sales as potential customers catch on to obsolete sales tactics. If that is the case, putting your employees through Sandler / medical sales training programs or other similar training courses could help them get back to the cutting edge. Also, remember to run initiatives to promote company-wide sales and product launches. Products with lower prices (or sale prices) tend to have shorter consideration cycles, so you can both promote the initiative and capitalize on increased site traffic to drive incremental sales.

For example, when it comes to industries like the cosmetic industry, they tend to have a huge demand for sustainable packaging. With e-commerce booming, the need for innovative technology has increased manifold. It is because of this reason that wholesale packaging suppliers come together at Impacked and the likes to meet the increasing demand of the various industries.

Keep Creative Relevant:

Run content that is directly related to your product(s) and refresh creative every 30 to 60 days.

Measure Engagement:

Dive deeper into the success of your native advertising campaign by placing Bidtellect’s proprietary Engagement Pixel on your site. Bidtellect is able to measure and optimize towards post-click engagement metrics such as page views, bounce-rate and time spent on site.

It works: By leveraging Bidtellect’s Native Direct Response Best Practices, one high-traffic retail e-commerce client saw a 9:1 return on investment (ROI) in 2019, more than doubling their goal.

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