Gen-Z is the most empowered and savvy generation ever in terms of having control of the media they consume. So brands need to be invited into a relationship with these consumers like never before. Engagement is the most important measure of success. As such, brands must create engagement beyond traditional means to stand out, like events, activations, sampling and, most importantly, content.

– Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba in Forbes: Catch The Eyes Of Gen-Z Consumers With These 13 Marketing Tips
Don’t write off Gen Z just yet. This savvy generation is more discerning than any before them. The takeaway from our stat compilation? Content matters. Get ready to copy + paste.


  • Gen Z includes ages 5-19, representing 27% of the global population (Millward Brown)
  • Gen Z is dramatically more passionate about music and movies. Ads placed in these contexts are far more powerful with this group, with 39% of Gen Z saying music makes them more positive to advertising and 38% reporting that movies have the same effect (Millward Brown).
  • 60% of teens support brands that take a stand on issues they believe in regarding human rights, race, and sexual orientation, according to the study (AdWeek).
  • Gen Zers are most likely of all consumers to use “buy” buttons (56%) and shoppable photos (34%) (IAB via AdAge).


  • 88% of Gen Zers indicated that custom content feels like a good way for new brands they haven’t heard of to engage them (Time Inc. Study via MediaPost).
  • ⅔  of Generation X and Z consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising. (Time Inc. study).
  • 36% of Gen Zers have a positive reaction to Native Ads (Millward Brown)

“I feel like the native ads are more engaging. They have more entertainment value, are thought-provoking, and I perceive a more memorable and lasting connection than with traditional click ads.”  –Nicholas, 33, Finance Guru, a respondent in a Time Inc. Study (MediaPost)

How To Drive Awareness and Sales: E-Commerce + Native Best Practices


  • Gen Z consumers require a five-screen experience: phone, computer, TV, tablet, and wearable (MobileMarketer).
  • 74% of Gen Z spend more than an hour a day on their mobile device (Millward Brown).
  • In 2019, Gen Zers will outnumber millennials, making them the youngest generation to adopt mobile devices. (IAB via AdAge).


Infographic: Here’s the Proof that Millennials Love Native

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