The Holiday Infographic 2019

The Holiday Infographic 2019

The 2019 holiday season is predicted to be record-breaking. Both the National Retail Federation and eMarketer predicting increases from last year, with the latter predicting a first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season. While some consumers are concerned about tariffs affecting prices, retailers are concerned about the shorter calendar creating a shipping crunch. Still, last year’s leaders in shipping served up near-perfect on-time delivery rates, and increasing trends in two-day, free, and expedited shipping make shopping online (on desktop and on mobile) easier than ever. The key to serving up a successful advertising strategy, according to experts and trends documented by eMarketer, is a DSP with reach, targeting, and high-quality data, while sponsored, branded, or native advertising offers the highest-value for advertisers and is easiest to monetize for retailers.

Holiday Retail Spend Predictions 2019

Total US retail sales will climb 3.8% to $1.008 trillion, making it the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season.

(eMarketer, 2019)

US retail eCommerce spending will rise by 13.2% to $135.35 billion this holiday season.

(eMarketer, 2019)

Holiday sales for 2019 are expected to increase by 3.8-4.2% over 2018 (compare to an average increase of 3.7% in the last five years).

(NRF, 2019)

Holiday sales are expected to reach a total of between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion in 2019.

(NRF, 2019)

79% of consumers are concerned that tariffs will cause prices to rise, potentially affecting their approach to shopping.

(NRF, 2019)

 $1,048 = average consumers plan to spend decorations, candy, and gifts as well as other purchases for themselves and their families.

(NRF, 2019)

eMarketer predicts that this year’s shortened calendar will create a shipping crunch.

(eMarketer, 2019)

FedEx, UPS and USPS had on-time delivery rates of 97.6% or higher in 2018.

(eMarketer, 2019)

Mobile vs. Desktop

Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

Cyber Monday is once again expected to be the biggest online shopping day in history, with a total that could approach—or even surpass—$10 billion.
(eMarketer, 2019)

61% of shoppers plan to shop online on Cyber Monday, compared with 45% on Black Friday.
(MiQ study via
eMarketer, 2019)

81% of shoppers plan to shop in-store and online on Black Friday
(MiQ study via
eMarketer, 2019)

51% of Last-Minute Shoppers said they weren’t certain where they wanted to buy, or they had multiple retailers in mind when they started shopping.

Mobile accounted for 34% of Black Friday 2018 weekend revenue (26.3% smartphones, 7.7% tablets).
Adobe Analytics)

Why Content Distribution:

Sponsored product advertising is currently the leading advertiser format because it’s high-value for advertisers and easier to monetize for retailers.

(eMarketer, 2019)

Native advertising will account for 62.7% of total US display ad spending in 2019, up from 54.2% in 2017.

(eMarketer, 2019)

The top two criteria for advertising and marketing professionals in selecting a DSP were audience scale or reach and targeting.

(Adviser Perceptions via eMarketer, 2019)

By leveraging Bidtellect’s platform and these best practices (including unrestricted inventory in all ad formats and refreshing creative), one high-traffic retail e-commerce client saw a 9:1 return on investment (ROI) in 2019, more than doubling their goal.

Utilizing contextual targeting along with creative analysis and optimization brought another retail client 55,400 Purchases, $3,500,000 in revenue, and 13,500 loyalty program sign-ups with Bidtellect’s platform in just half a year.

Americans consume over 135 million pounds of eggnog every year.

(Indiana University via Daily Item)

100% of shoppers suffer from holiday fatigue and ravaged wallets when the season ends

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Ask the Experts: Top Holiday Campaign Mistakes

Ask the Experts: Top Holiday Campaign Mistakes

Holiday shopping campaigns will kick off before you know it (if they haven’t already). Before it’s too late, we asked our fellow Bidtellectuals the top mistakes they see clients make during the holiday shopping season that prevent them from getting the results they want. From under-spending to over-exhausting creatives, here’s what to avoid – and do differently – for a rockin’ holiday season. 

You are More Than Your Deals:

“Big mistake: Brands push empty Holiday offers and discounts instead of the value of their brand and how they can enhance a consumer’s holiday experience.”

– TJ Kryzanowski, Director of Account Management – East

Don’t Stoop to Display Standards – In Creative and Budget

“Make sure your images don’t have copy on them. While it’s great to push a holiday offer or discount, you don’t want your images mimicking a banner ad when the goal is for your content to blend in with the content in the feed. Use an image of a person enjoying your product or offer.”

– Missy Steiner, VP of Marketing 

“The biggest mistake is focusing on standard display formats for Black Friday & Holiday Pushes! Go Native.”

– DJ Virtue, Director of Sales and New York Manager

“The audience gets tired of seeing the same ad over and over again. Switch it up! Start off with awareness creatives, then lead the audience to consider, and then complete your campaign flight with conversions. I see clients immediately start off with lower-funnel in the earlier stages of holiday planning months – BORING!”

– Yeni Gordillo, Sr. Creative Marketing Manager

It’s the Most Competitive Time of Year: Price Accordingly

“Some clients expect CPMs to stay the same over the holiday period and complain about performance going down. You have to price competitively to stay competitive!”

– Jonathon Burden, Director of Sales, West Coast

“One thing that comes to mind: clients don’t always take seasonality into consideration when determining their rates (bid prices). There’s a lot of competition in the market near the holidays. If you don’t have high enough rates, scale becomes an issue and it impacts delivery and performance.”

– Rachel Richardson, Senior Strategic Account Manager

Communicate and Plan Ahead

“Plan ahead. Communicate in advance if support will be needed on holidays like Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday for retail accounts. We prep and ask, but often we receive an emergency email during Thanksgiving dinner saying we need to increase spend, etc.”

– Terah Bocchi, VP of National Sales

Trendy Doesn’t Always Mean Best-Performing

“Don’t fixate on trends. Clients always want the latest “new” thing (carousel, for example) even though it might not perform. Don’t sacrifice performance for aesthetics.”

– Andrew Sugrue, Senior Ad Ops Specialist

Celebrate All the Holidays!

“Creatives pertaining to only one specific holiday limits your audience. Include all celebratory holidays! Make it relatable to everyone!”

– Yeni Gordillo, Sr. Creative Marketing Manager

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