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Bidtellect hosted its first ever Zoom Trivia Game! It was intense! (It was fun.) Congrats to winner Yeni Gordillo!! Haters will say it’s rigged but it’s not. TY as always to Zoom for holding us up. (That’s not sponsored; Bidtellect pays for Zoom, but still. We’re loyal.) Are you getting tired after Zoom calls? Apparently ‘Zoom fatigue’ is a thing. So give yourself a break! 

Other things happening. So many things happening! Bidtellect was named a best tech startup in Delray Beach by The Tech Tribune. We’re honored to be recognized! MediaPost reported that the ad market fell 10.8% in March, but that’s ok we’re not going to think about that. Two weeks ago, The Trade Desk asked exchanges to stop sending duplicate bid requests for the same ad impression after seeing a recent spike in duplicative supply. “The industry continues to shift towards ‘fewer and better,’” offered TripleLift Chief Strategy Officer Ari Lewine.

Are coronavirus ads getting, like, super somber and stale? It’s been a month and everyone is feeling the pain of this pandemic; we need some connection, some new life, some hope! Refresh your creative copy and images based on what’s working this week – thanks [b]+studio! As we thank essential workers for braving the frontline each day, check out this case study of a regional grocer who wanted to reach more customers more efficiently utilizing contextual targeting – a tactic to try now. For a good overview of programmatic trends now, check out this PMG piece.

Live sports. Remember those? Here’s a major yikes: with live sports cancelled AT&T lost 900,000 subscribers in Q1 and total pay TV revenue was down $10.5 billion or 7.2% – and they’re expecting more! Meanwhile Netflix is like “Ha! we have high quality content like Tiger King and Love Island!” and racked up 16 million new paid subscribers in Q1 (they didn’t say that and they do have amazing content. I’m just bitter they ditched Friends in my time of need).  But there’s hope: the NFL draft is already garnering massive interest from fans and advertisers alike who are chomping at the bit; more than 100 brands are lined up for the three-day NFL Draft production that started yesterday.

And finally, is it time to cut your hair? Confession: I cut mine two days ago and it did not go well. I’ll be wearing a ponytail for a while!!!! But here are fun tutorials by celebrity hair stylist and entrepreneur Jen Atkin for long hair and short hair, and one for bangs in The New York Times by Sanam Yar. You’re welcome! But don’t do it. 

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