Are you growing a beard this quarantine? You’re not alone. “Beards Are the Hottest Quarantine Trend!” declared InsideEdition. WWD has dubbed “The Corona-Beard” “Men’s New Quarantine Hobby.” GQ went ahead and compiled a list of celebrities hopping on the beard trend that included John Legend, Kid Kudi, and Joe Jonas. And even The New Yorker dedicated a full social analysis to the trend: “During the coronavirus pandemic, facial hair has become…a way to convey solidarity from afar.”

It makes sense. Working from home plus free time to dedicate to grooming and maintenance equals…prime quarantine beard growth. It’s like a real-life chia pet you finally have time to show love and attention to! To prevent yourself from looking more like Tom Hanks in Castaway than the handsome devil you are, we asked bearded Bidtellectuals to share their top tips for your quarantine beard from grooming to shampooing. Go forth and grow!

Invest in the right tools.

Invest in a good grooming kit including trimmers, blow dryer, horse hair brush and wooden comb. Invest in beard oil or wax(your preference). Wash and condition your beard at least once a week. And if you plan to grow it long be prepared to look unkempt while it grows out. Check out all of the tutorials on YouTube for ideas on how you want to style your beard.

Jason Taylor, Director of Information Technology

Beard Shampoo is key. And Beard Oil is not a scam!

I have been binge watching Sons of Anarchy, so my motivation to grow a beard is at its peak. Beard shampoo is key for moisturizing and conditioning the skin underneath the beard, but it also helps keep the beard clean and give it a fuller look. I had no idea that the hair on your face is much different than the hair on your head, so your regular hair products (shampoo/conditioner) don’t necessarily work for your face.

Beard oil has been great for styling and giving it a cleaner, maintained look. A wooden beard comb also helps as well. (A plastic hair brush could hurt your beard.) I honestly thought all the beard oil/balms were a scam, but they actually work!

Bobby Niebler, Director of Platform Solutions

Trim weekly.

Use beard oil and wax frequently. Comb daily.

John Ferber, Founder

I grew out a beard once.

I grew out a beard once and someone sent me Honest Amish Beard Balm to keep it conditioned and smooth.

Tim Chidsey, Software Engineer

The itchiness subsides

Trimming (not for length, but for shape) your beard can help you define its “boundaries,” especially around the mouth and cheeks. I don’t use anything special, but I do condition my beard (with regular hair conditioner) every few weeks and brush and comb it frequently.

If you’re growing for the first time, the itchiness subsides in 1 – 2 weeks. If it goes longer than that, your skin probably won’t tolerate a beard. I use styling wax if I don’t want a “fly-away” look to my whiskers. Also works great if you sport a ponytail.


My recco!

John Szumowski, Director of Sales, Southeast

There you have it. If you decided to grow a beard this quarantine, no need to regret it (yet). Follow these tips to make the most of it. Hey, we think you look handsome!

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