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How Has the Pandemic Affected Digital Advertising?

Ah, how long do we have? Just kidding. There is good news and bad news. Bad news is, yes we took a hit. Good news is there is still growth projected for the year: nearly 2% according to the latest report by eMarketer, which most expect will restart by the second half of 2020.

The majority of the digital marketing industry is optimistic about future growth, as well. Ad budgets are rising due to that optimism: nearly three-quarters (74%) of digital marketers expect to either increase their ad investments or keep them level in the second half of 2020. Even better news: the majority of digital marketers (56%) either kept their programmatic spend levels stable during the pandemic or didn’t cut the channel any more or less than other marketing investments, according to Adexchanger’s report. This just goes to show how digital marketing is a staple throughout the industry, it can reach far and wide and is a great way of bringing in revenue, as evidently shown by the percentages. As time goes on, marketers are positive about the direction that Digital Marketing is going, so hopefully this will continue to grow as the second half of 2020 comes to a close and 2021 is in view. Well, digital marketing can include a combination of many forms of online marketing strategies, such as email/SMS marketing, keyword use by implementing good SEO strategies (visit https://victoriousseo.com/blog/focus-keyphrase/ to learn more), content marketing, etc. Having said that, businesses tend to choose the option that will help them grow. As an example, a sales organization may choose to utilize Email and SMS marketing in order to convert leads into proper deals. Small businesses wishing to implement such marketing strategies can look for an Email marketing guide or other resources that can help in this matter.

These are some of the outbound marketing techniques that poke the customers, luring them with good discounts, interesting cash backs, etc., into buying your products or services. However, after the pandemic has set in, you need a more active engagement with your customers in order to understand their needs, be more appealing to them and get a better response from them in terms of increased sales. To accomplish this, you might need the assistance of appointment setting companies. Moreover, to perform better in the pandemic hit the market, it is imperative to know your customers personally, which will eventually help you serve them better, keeping in mind the prevalent needs and restrictions.

The pandemic also accelerated a change that was already underway: a more united approach to TV and video measurement. The reopening will be nuanced and slow; advertisers would do well to adjust accordingly: “It takes a much higher threshold of safety and security to get people back to doing things the way they used to do things,” Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba said on Adexchanger’s Social Distancing with friends podcast with Ryan Joe.

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Self-Care Now Required

Is it just me, or is everyone extra on edge these days? The world is changing and the pandemic is dragging on, and it seems that the bad news never ends. We compiled a list of 5 easy self-care tips you can try today to lift your mood when you’re feeling down. And we’re not just talking about another mask or meditation app that never really works (I swear I try, ok?).

I’ll start: I’m grateful for you, today. Thanks so much for reading and joining me in sharing the news.

Stay safe and stay healthy, friends.


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Charlotte Otremba is Sr. Manager of Communications and Marketing at Bidtellect.

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