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We’ve all been there, cruising through the day when suddenly, right around 3pm, the slump hits. No energy. No motivation. How can you go on? What will bring you back to life? I asked my fellow Bidtellectuals for their secret “pick-me-ups.” They had a lot of suggestions! Check them out below.

Rest and Reset

A walk to the kitchen (work or home) for a glass of water, then 5 minutes of standing desk time listening to Calm app to clear my mind and reset.”

Michael Conway, Chief Technology Officer

“Send text message memes to friend group and put in headphones and listen to music.”

Terrah Bocchi, SVP of Sales

Coffee, Please!

“Cold brew! (I brew a normal pot of coffee and then let it brew again overnight in the cold brew pitcher.. yes to all the caffeine!)”

Katie Broussard, Sales Strategest


Craig Aron, SVP, Growth and Strategic Business Development 

Snacks, Drinks, and Lots of Caffeine 

“Uptime blueberry pomegranate beverage … you will climb mountains within an hour, guaranteed, even in Delray Beach!”

Jordan Rohan, Sr. Advisor, Corporate Development

“Celcius Peach Vibe!”

Jason Taylor, Director of Information Technology

“Diet Coke and a cigarette.”

Arthur Hainline, VP of Product

“I love an iced matcha latte for a little caffeine kick. Here’s the recipe from Minimalist Baker!”

Shannon Malley, Creative Marketing Coordinator

“Coca-cola and candy!”

Karl Hentschel, Director of Account Management, East

“I have been adding a liquid IV packet to my water in the afternoon as a fun treat. The Passion Fruit flavor is the best!”

Abigail Bojanic, Account Manager

“I drive to DD and get a large, iced green tea with lots of lemon!!! “

Lisa Friedman, Director of Sales, East Coast

“One large cup of water + Banana + Iced Americano! Always does the trick.”

DJ Virtue, Director of Sales

“Favorite afternoon snack is anything with PEANUT BUTTER! Crackers, celery, carrots, bananas, PB&J, or heck…..just by itself!”

Nicholas Herbst, Platform Solutions Analyst


“20-30 minute Peloton blitz”

Jonno Burden, Director of Sales, West Coast

“Take a walk around the hood.”

Lysa Vincent, Senior Account Manager

Turn to the Kiddos

“Spinning in circles with my daughter until we fall down. We do this daily around 2 PM, then I put her to sleep, and I go back to work :)”

TJ Krzyzanowski, Director of Account Management, East

“I steal my kid’s candy :)”

Kendra Wilson, Director of Sales, Central

“If coffee and a little ice cream or sweet don’t do the trick I take Isaac outside and we play in the grass. When Caesar is really lucky he comes too and gets to play fetch!”

Courtney Bonkowski, Accounting Manager

“Go for a walk, except I never walk the same way I did the day prior and usually have one or two kids in tow. “

Phil Marth, Director of Sales, East

And Pets!

“A second cup of coffee and a walk around the block with the pup!”

Kelsey Wagner, Director of Account Management Central/West

“Take the dog for a walk.”

Rachel Porras, Director of Sales, Midwest

“A good walk around the neighborhood with the pup!”

Nick Gomez, Performance Analyst

“Dog walks, coffee, and discovering new music on Spotify!”

Mitchell Enfield, UI/UX Developer

I hope this list of afternoon pick-me-ups brought you a little inspiration! We can all get through the day – even in quarantine! 

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