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Advertisers: “High impact” may sound like a buzzword, but it makes a real difference for engagement. Here’s how to upgrade your Native Ad creatives to grab attention and keep it. I’m not talking basic “how to write a headline” – this is a little more advanced. Note: this is strictly from the creative standpoint – I don’t go into tech / platform capabilities to better optimize creative, such as creative optimization, placement, dynamic rendering, etc. Stay tuned for that in Part 2!

1. Images: Bright Colors, Personal Focus

It’s time to channel your inner-influencer! Bright colors and aesthetically pleasing images always have the highest engagement. And happy people as the main focal point always perform well. Animals and children, even better. 

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2. Video

I mean, duh. There’s a reason why video is the fastest growing ad type: it’s the OG high impact creative. Programmatic video ad spend is still expected to increase 11.6% in 2020, even with the pandemic, according to eMarketer. In-ad video capabilities are improving constantly, and now there’s better tracking of engagement thanks pause-out-of-view and autoplay behaviors. Vertical video packs a bunch over mobile so videos can be viewed on-the-go.  The key with Native is that it blends seamlessly into the environment, so videos don’t attack you like some of those ugly banner ones.  

3. Cinemagraphs 

Cinemagraph literally means part cinema (moving image) and part photograph (static image). The format combines the movement of a video with the stillness of an image – usually just one part of it moves.  Cinemagraphs are highly effective at telling a short story and conveying a specific setting or emotion. Viewers can feel as if they are physically there. They are also more cost effective than full-length videos. One advertising agency found that cinemagraph content tends to have more virality, with 71% higher organic reach than still photographs. Talk about high impact.

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4. Carousel

Feel like you want to tell more with your ad than just a headline and description? Tell a story through multiple images that you can scroll through with carousel. It’s like a mini instagram post! Carousels drive maximum in-unit engagement and captivate users. They are also extremely useful and popular for information requirements, such as pharmaceutical ads. 

This leading shoe retailer saw a huge jump in CTR thanks to high impact Carousel and Scroller Units: Leading Shoe Retailer Sees Impressive 0.67% CTR With Bidtellect

5. Scroller Units

Scroller units are an eye-catching experience for the user – using a parallax effect, it is when you scroll through content the ad seems to appear from behind the publisher page. It’s so cool! Scroller units drive impact and clicks since they are so memorable. You’ll seem pretty advanced – doesn’t every brand want that?

These 5 high impact creatives will transform your native ad engagement! If you have questions about how to use these with our platform, ask your account manager or reach out to us! Our in-house creative team are pros at making creatives shine. 

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