Hello Bidtellectuals! Congratulations to Bidtellectuals of the Week Yeni Gordillo and Shannon Malley – our [b]+studio superstars! Behind every great creative is likely one of these two.

Data from the First Half of 2020

Our 1H 2020 Native Report is here (!!). 2020 has been stressful enough, don’t let lack of insights be another roadblock! Download our report for free here. Bidtellect’s platform processes over 55 billion Native auctions daily across 58 million distinctly targetable placements and processes 50 million decisions per second. We analyze data from the start of an auction through post-click consumer activity to gain valuable insights about trends, performance, and opportunities in native advertising. Here’s a sneak peek stat: Mobile had a 106% higher CTR than Desktop in 1H 2020, so if you’re not adjusting your strategy to mobile, you’re missing out! (Reminder: check out bidtellect.com/resources/ for more research and case studies!)

What’s Next For Brand Safety, Social Budgets, and WFH?

For this week’s Bidtellect Beat: Digital Edition, I sat down with Bidtellect’s SVP of SalesTerah Bocchi to talk about changes in the digital advertising industry post-pandemic, how brand safety needs have amplified, shortfalls of social media, and the importance of adjusting creative in a fast-paced world. Plus, how virtual selling and work from home can be a challenge, but also has some positives to it. Give this a watch!

A Conversation With Bidtellect SVP of Sales on Brand Safety, Virtual Sales, and Creative Pivots


Surprise: Pandemic Causing Changes to Current Advertiser-Agency Relationship

Namely, according to this Digiday article, increased budget cuts and performance pressures are causing brands and agencies to reevaluate. One downside is corner-cutting: “…Agencies are having to do so much work with fewer people that there’s a tendency to default to the simplest plans, which usually means buying [the] most ads from either Google or Facebook.” (We didn’t say it!) Some have considered in-housing, but the costs of that are too high. For most, flexibility and the ability to test different models according to a number of possible scenarios is key. “Marketers don’t expect things to stop changing but they are looking to feel con􀃕dent — and find stability.”


Good News: The Crown Returns, Giving Goes Up, A Pup Salesman

The Crown released their first Season 4 teaser trailer and the show officially returns November 15! Any other fans? The upcoming season will feature storylines about Princess Diana and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. I’m obsessed and cannot wait. Some more good news: reports show that people are giving to charities more during the pandemic. And this adorable street dog in Brazil kept showing up to a car dealership, and he’s now officially a car salesman. My heart!


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Charlotte Otremba is Sr. Manager of Communications and Marketing at Bidtellect.

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