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Goodbye TikTok? Hello Instagram Reels.

President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday banning transactions withByteDance, the parent company of popular app TikTok. The order takes place in 45days and makes any transactions between ByteDance and U.S. citizens outlawed for national security reasons. It’s not a direct ban, but this would mean a halt in advertising and likely a removal of the app from app stores. A similar order was passed banning transactions with WeChat, which has a smaller presence in the U.S.

TikTok has threatened legal action, saying the executive order was “issued without any due process” and would risk “undermining global businesses’ trust in the United States’ commitment to the rule of law.”

Right on time, Instagram launched its TikTok competitor, Reels, on Wednesday in 50markets. It’s yet another example of parent company Facebook’s typical “if you can’t buy it, copy it” strategy, wrote Adexchanger. And honestly, if you haven’t checked it out, sometimes I scroll through it and accidentally think I’m on TikTok instead of Instagram.

Remember Cookies? This is Still a Thing.

Coronavirus may have clouded the collective industry memory, but the shift to a cookie-free future is still rolling. Firefox and Safari browsers have blocked third-party cookies. Google Chrome will do the same by 2022. Contextual targeting (targeting based on the information available on the page or site of the ad space, rather than user data) and Universal ID (a unique, shared identifier amongst the industry – see TTD 2.0 one) solutions will be jumping-off point. Read more here so you know what’s happening and the steps we’re taking.

“Better be Nice to the Boomers” Says eMarketer

eMarketer’s latest report on the state of spend by generation points to some obvious ones: Gen Z and Millennials have significantly increased their digital spend during the pandemic (65% and 63% increase, respectively), which is great news for digital advertisers. So have Baby Boomers, but at a lower rate: 47% have increased their online spending during the pandemic. Even though that’s less than their younger cohorts, they hold the largest share of wealth, are least likely to be affected by the current high unemployment, and are more likely to own their own homes – so they are above-average-spenders. It’s time to adjust messaging and targeting to get a greater share of that Boomer money, honey.

What Are COOKIES Used For Anyway? Digital Advertising, Privacy, & Cookie-Free Future

Google’s DV360 Testing Out Programmatic Audio

Google launched new programmatic sales capabilities for audio publishers in their Ad Manager on Thursday. This is their first time they’re venturing into audio after growing interest from publishing partners. Is this the future? Maybe.

Good News: Beyoncé, Roger Federer, and the Other Cookies

Last week we were obsessing over Taylor Swift, this week it’s been all Beyoncé. I mean how stunning is her visual album? TGFNMFQDAP (Thank God For New MusicFrom Queens During a Pandemic – yes, I obviously made that up). If you’re looking for a wholesome feel-good-can’t-stop-smiling-moment, watch Roger Federer surprise the two junior tennis players who went viral for playing tennis across their roofs in Italy. The trio hit some balls then eat some pasta together because…it’s a Barillacommercial. Finally, New York’s favorite bakery, Levain, will soon sell its famous cookies in grocery stores. Yes!

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