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The Latest:

  • Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba was interviewed by the founder of Digital Capital Advisors on their podcast about adapting to change this year and how Bidtellect weathered the crisis. Give it a listen here.
  • Forbes featured Lon in their latest piece 11 Smart Ways To Adapt Marketing Campaigns This Holiday Season. His tip? Start early (that means now!) and adjust messaging to the changing times. 
  • Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween, but don’t get tricked into these traps when planning campaigns or choosing a programmatic partner. Creep it Real with our Halloween Onesheet.

The Election: Digital Ad Spend 

  • The Trump Campaign spent big in the first half of the year, but has scaled back. After spending significantly on display and native during the first half of 2020, the team scaled back on programmatic starting in August, down to nearly zero in September and October (Adomik via Adexchanger).
  • Roles reverse: Meanwhile, the Biden campaign has scaled up the second half of the year. The Biden campaign was the top programmatic advertiser in the United States, primarily on video, in August, September and throughout October, Adomik found. In September, 80% of Biden’s programmatic spending through SSPs, both in open auctions and via direct deals, went to in-stream video at a CPM of just under $10 (Adomik via Adexchanger).
  • If Biden were a brand, he would have been the top spender on video in August ahead of Microsoft, Sony, Amazon and pharmaceutical company Sanofi (Adomik via Adexchanger). 

Around the Web: Media, Agencies, and Apple Privacy News

  • 3 Key Trends Shaping the Media Landscape this Year, according to eMarketer‘s latest report: Ownership of PCs and Tablets is declining in many countries; Digital video continues to close the gap with broadcast TV; The pandemic is likely hastening the decline of print media.
  • It’s no secret that the Covid-19 crisis forced many of our partners and friends in the advertising industry to suffer through some tough changes. A new report from Forrester estimates that a total of 35,000 agency jobs will be cut this year in the U.S. Salt in the wound: the report predicts that 11% of digital, creative and media agency tasks in the U.S. will be automated by 2023 (Forrester via Adweek).
  • Many are calling Apple’s new privacy changes “extreme” and “much stricter than the Ad Tech industry expected.” Mobile App developers will now be required to ask users for permission before using their data to track them across third-party websites and apps. The changes should go into effect sometime in 2021 (Digiday).

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Charlotte Otremba is Sr. Manager of Communications and Marketing at Bidtellect.

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