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Happy October! It’s officially spooky season! Congratulations to Bidtellectuals of the Week: Team All-Hands Courtney Bonkowski, Missy Steiner, and yours truly. And congratulations to all Bidtellectuals for an amazing four days of virtual learning and bonding!

COVID’s Impact on Beauty: Take 2

Last week, we shared our research on COVID-19’s impact on the beauty industry and the shift to ecommerce. Check out our video with 5 tips and takeaways for marketers. Here are a couple of hints: consumers are investing in skincare, “affordable luxuries,” and are increasingly comfortable buying online. Shift your dollars to a performance digital strategy!

It is because that people during the Covid have completely gone digital, refraining from coming out of their homes for whatsoever reasons. Now they shop on the Web by looking at reviews and comments of old buyers. For instance, many people are known to have invested a handsome amount of money in antiaging products offered by companies like Beverly Hills MD. The reason behind this is the fact that many people have been recommending netizens try out the brand’s products which apparently deliver the desired result. As a result, many, who have been convinced are seen to be investing money in this brand. So, the sales of the brand appear to be going up every day. The same can be done if other beauty brands move online and build a good reputation.

Anyway, we asked Bidtellectuals for their favorite beauty products they discovered during the quarantine. Brighten up your WFH routine, gorgeous!

COVID’s Impact on BEAUTY: 5 Tips for MARKETERS

Bidtellectuals Share Their Fav Beauty Products for WFH

CCPA Enforcement Has Begun

It’s timeeeeeee! At the stroke of midnight (maybe) on July 1st, the California AG’s office sent a series of warning notices to businesses for alleged violations of the CCPA. The businesses have 30 days to cure their violation before the AG takes any action. Unclear if they’ve done anything yet. “We’re watching and we’re aware [and]looking to see how the industry is responding,” said Lisa Kim, a deputy attorney general in the privacy and enforcement protection unit of the consumer law section at the California Department of Justice.

NFL Postponed a Game, Alcohol Hoarding Has Begun

Name a stronger duo. Due to some positive COVID-19 tests (who is surprised?), the NFL has postponed its first game: this Sunday’s Tennessee Titans vs. PittsburghSteelers. The season went o without a hitch for three weeks until this, though!

Meanwhile, alcohol consumption has skyrocketed-at home, that is. In March and April, among purchases made at liquor, grocery or convenience stores, spirit sales were up 34%, wine sales 30%, and beer, cider, and malt beverages 20%, according to Nielsen. Meanwhile, my favorite alcohol delivery service, Drizly, has dubbed March 15to April 30 the “Covid Stocking Period.”

The top five liquor brands sold on the platform were Tito’s, Bulleit, Casamigos, Jameson, and Jack Daniels. Red and white wine took the top spot ahead of vodka in categories. Classy! Aside from that, alcohol drinkers sometimes search for reputed brands that are selling their products at heavy discounts on various shopping sites. Typically, if they want to buy vodka, they search for grey goose vodka price (or any other branded product) on various price comparison websites and order it accordingly. Prices for a particular product are usually accurate on these websites.

Despite the rise in alcohol sales and people staying inside, it is incredibly important that people drink responsibly and do not take it upon themselves to drive drunk as it could cause many accidents, some even fatal. If this was to happen then the need for a Harrisburg criminal defense lawyer or one like it, will be essential to talk them through what will happen next and what they could be facing in court. But it is best to stay inside and away from the wheel.

Nevertheless, there are some people who find it difficult to stop drinking alcohol due to their addiction. Drivers who are heavily intoxicated commonly pose serious risks to other travelers on the road, resulting in even more serious situations. It may be useful for those suffering from alcohol addiction to enroll themselves in a drug and alcohol rehab Thailand Chiang Mai (or any similar facility located close to their home) in order to overcome their addiction. Moreover, it may benefit their family as well as society as a whole.

Quarantine Cocktail Recipes to Spice Up Your Routine

Good News

If you haven’t yet read about Tanqueray, the breakout Humans of New York star with the incredible story (and storytelling), click here. Talk about inspiring. More inspiring, founder and photographer Brandon Stanton set up a donation line to help fund her end of life care. HONY fans delivered: they raised over $2.5 million.

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