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The Cannabis Craze & Its Digital Opportunity

Like every industry during the coronavirus pandemic, the cannabis industry felt some changes…but not in a bad way. In fact, people turned to cannabis to help them through this terrifying time, with cannabis businesses doing what they can to cater to those needs including looking into resources like https://parsl.co/6-ways-dispensary-management-software-can-increase-efficiency/ so they can be on top of what customers need any time of the day. Sure, live events were cancelled and billboards were suddenly a massive waste of money, but the combination of stress, anxiety and panic drove people to buy more and more of the best delta 8 gummies to calm their nerves and keep them sane and healthy, than they did do before.

The whole world was in a state of panic and anxiousness. In fact, some people couldn’t sleep or eat and started becoming cleaning freaks. Some also started isolating themselves from the world to the point where they were no more able to hold normal conversations even with their family members. Such was the distress during the peak time of the pandemic! However, that was when CBD products like dry herb vaporizers (visit this site to learn more about this) seemed to provide some saving grace for them. These and many more cannabis items rushed to the rescue of those who appeared to be on the brink of existential crises. Thanks to the many online dispensaries that acted quickly on their part to deliver products at the earliest!

Then of course, people were also bored, especially ravers and festival/concert goers, so that meant an increased sale of some of the best bong brands soared. Being stuck in quarantine meant people looked towards cannabis because of the apparent benefits to health and mood. Still, cannabis businesses (cannabusinesses) still face lingering misconceptions about its benefits, not to mention laws that differ by state. There’s a dynamite opportunity for increased digital spend coupled with valuable content that can re-educate the masses.

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Superbowl Ad Breakdown: The COVID Effect

  • ViacomCBS says its Super Bowl ad inventory is pretty much sold out, with 30-second spots selling for at least $5.5 million.
  • For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser will not run an ad in the Super Bowl. Instead, it’s diverting its ad budget to focus on efforts to improve awareness and education around Covid-19 vaccines, in partnership with the public-service advertising nonprofit Ad Council. (Their seltzers will see some air time, though)
  • On that note, expect lots of ads for hard seltzers and light beer, like this take on the old “make lemonade out of lemons” advice; 2020 gave us a sh*t load of lemons, so they made some Bud Light lemon seltzer.
  • Indeed will run its first ever Super Bowl commercial featuring real job seekers to offer hope and inspiration for job hunting.
  • Tide always crushes it. This year, they’ll air a 60-second spot featuring Jason Alexander. Doritos, Pringles, M&Ms, General Motors, Mountain Dew will be back, too.
  • Hellmans and Huggies make their first Super Bowl debut.
  • E*Trade, DoorDash, Fiverr, and Mercari also make their first debut, each examples of tools that saw new popularity during the pandemic.

Walmart Taps Trade Desk Over Xandr

After more than a year of testing, Walmart announced the release of its custom-built version of the Trade Desk DSP for its retail media business. Walmart’s DSP is a separate, walled-off version of the Trade Desk, filled with exclusive Walmart data and inventory and utilizing a self-service model to give buyers more transparency.The Walmart DSP will also be the only way to access Walmart’s advertising inventory– like Walmart.com and in-store ad placements. See what they did there?

Good News: Giant Dinosaur Discovered

Some bones first discovered in Argentina in 2012 may be the largest land animal in our planet’s history. After subsequent field trips, digs, and analysis over twelve years, paleontologists now believe the tail vertebrae, pelvis, and other bones discovered belong to a titanosaur from 98 million years ago. The dinosaur could be larger than 76 tons and 122 feet from nose to tail. Imagine catching one of those in your backyard!

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