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Congratulations to Bidtellectual of the Week Heba Abdelaleem!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Hey little love bugs! Any big plans this weekend? Check out this great list of streaming recommendations. My favs are My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Cruel Intentions (duh), but I’m dying to check out Always Be My Maybe. These recs for virtual Valentine’s Day dates are also amazing. A virtual tour of Romeo & Juliet’s hometown? Yes please (it’s your very own Love Story). I bet you’re wondering how Hallmark is adjusting their cards this year. The answer is toilet paper (really).

For last minute campaign adjustments, consider contextual targeting to reach last minute shoppers looking for inspiration and commit to a multichannel approach. Download our onesheet or watch our video for more data and insights.

Download here: 6 Steps to Success for Valentine’s Day 2021

On 2020: A Reflection

Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba penned a thoughtful reflection on 2020: its challenges, triumphs, and lessons – and what it could mean for 2021. Bidtellect had its share of hardships, and there’s no way we can predict what 2021 can bring, but the year ahead is already tasting sweeter.


Read it here: Bidtellect’s 2020: What We Did & What We Learned

The Latest: Contextual Targeting, Online Gaming, In-House vs. New Agencies

  • Contextual targeting dates back more than a decade, but it’s having its renaissance (star moment?) as the cookie-free world comes closer to reality. Read The Crawl, Walk, Run Guide To Contextual Targeting on Adexchanger.
  • Publicis is launching a new cross-agency Le Truc office in New York and bringing in top executive talent from Droga5 and Ogily to lead creative operations. 
  • We’ve seen an uptick in shifting to an in-house model. For success, customization and collaboration are key (there’s no “one size fits all”). Here are the The Six Pillars Of A Successful In-House Model
  • The next bright shiny object for agencies and marketers? Online gaming.  It’s about time. Brands are finally eager to break into platforms like Twitch and into virtual, in-game universes in games like Fortnite.
  • ICYMI: Bid shading Bid shading is a campaign capability that can save advertisers money. Here’s what it means and how it works.

Case Study of the Week: Major Regional Grocer Exceeds Video Goals Thanks to Contextual Targeting

Even with a tight regional footprint and targeting limitations, Bidtellect surpassed Native Display CTR and Video VCR goals thanks to Pause Out of View Video and 3rd Party Contextual Targeting capabilities. Read more about it here.