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On Google’s Announcement: Time to Confront the Future

Google this, Google that. Google’s in the news again, what’s up with that? Wow, I won’t stick with poetry, but I will stick with plugging Arthur because his op-ed on Google’s latest announcement regarding third-party cookie identifiers and the ad tech industry’s confrontation of reality is spot on and worth your read.

Read: Google’s (Non) Announcement: 3 Possibilities for Cookie Depreciation and the Future of Post-Cookie Identifiers by VP of Product Arthur Hainline

The Native Report You’ve Been Waiting For

IT’S HERE. Our long-awaited Native Report analyzing data from Bidtellect’s platform in Q3 and Q4 of 2020. What a doozy 2020 was, huh? Are we out of the woods yet? Changing consumer habits due to lockdown translated to changes in device behavior, while content recommendations appeal to consumers. Check out the takeaways. Bottom line: we are looking good.

Some Key Takeaways:

  1. Dynamic Goal Setting Leads to Max ROI

  2. Relevant Recommendation Widget Ad Type Sees Highest Engagement

  3. Longer Engagement on Desktop, Higher Click-Throughs on Mobile and Tablet

Plus: Travel and Personal Finance Show Promising Recovery

Download: The Report and the Quick Stat Onesheet

NEW: Behind the Platform

Are you a big nerd for reporting and insights? Curious about Bidtellect’s new Advanced User Insights feature that offers TONS of capabilities in a sleek interface? Love to hear Arthur explain things?

Watch: Our latest Behind the Platform video.

Case Study of the Week: Telecom Tech Industry Pioneer Eager to Drive Traffic to Media Surpasses Benchmark by 330%

The Company was currently working with other partners that fell below their benchmarks, but Bidtellect’s in-house creative studio coupled with behavioral targeting led to success and an always-on partnership. Read more.

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