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All Contextual Is Not Created Equal: How Just Global Prepares for the Post-Cookie Future

How does top agency Just Global prepare for the impending cookie-free world? Contextual solutions, of course. Bidtellect’s Jonno Burden chats with Just Global’s Kathryn Nassar on preparing for the future while maximizing performance goals for their clients, and why contextual solutions have been in their wheelhouse long before all this cookie-talk.

Read: All Contextual Is Not Created Equal: Just Global and Bidtellect Talk Post-Cookie, Context-First Solutions by Director of Sales Jonno Burden and Just Global’s Kathryn Nassar

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• ICYMI: Bidtellect’s Native Report analyzing platform data from Q3 and Q4 2020 is HERE. Key takeaways: Dynamic goal setting consistently leads to max ROI. Consumers prefer relevant recommendation widgets. Pandemic habits led to longer desktop engagement but higher click-throughs on mobile and tablet
. Download the report and quick state one sheet.

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• Still unsure about Google’s announcement? Read VP of Product Arthur Hainline’s op-ed on third-party cookie identifiers and the ad tech industry’s confrontation of reality. Read it here: 3 Possibilities for Cookie Depreciation and the Future of Post-Cookie Identifiers

• And for more on contextual solutions and what they mean, read Bidtellect CTO Mike Conway’s piece in Digiday: Contextual advertising is key to driving performance in a post-cookies world

Case Study of the Week: Bidtellect Top-Performance Partner in IDL Test in Preparation for Cookie-Less Future

As the future of cookie-based identification looms closer, this longstanding technology client decided to “future-proof” their digital strategy with a multi-partner performance test. Read how Bidtellect beat out the competition.

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