NFT Craze, Google’s Latest Announcement, & Context + Cookies: This Week’s Newsletter: March 5th, 2021

NFT Craze, Google’s Latest Announcement, & Context + Cookies: This Week’s Newsletter: March 5th, 2021

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Contextual Advertising = Answer to Post-Cookie World

Now, more than ever, customers expect personalization and relevant recommendations. But they want to know where their data is going; privacy is at the front of every consumer and advertisers’ minds. How do platforms adjust from third-party cookie identifiers to the cookieless world? How can they reach performance goals?

Bidtellect Chief Technology Officer Mike Conway weighs in on Digiday.

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The Latest: Google’s Latest Announcement & the NFT Craze

  • Since we all were dying for more news from Google, they made another announcement! We all knew it was coming eventually: once third-party cookies are phased out, Google will not build alternate identifiers to track individuals as they browse across the web. It will apparently have no impact on email-based identity systems such as UID 2.0 and LiveRamp’s ATS. What’s next?
  • Read this op-ed in Adexchanger for a snarky opinion that I’m here for.
  • Everybody’s talking about NFTs. That’s non-fungible token, if you missed it, which basically means that it’s a unique instance of an asset and can’t be deleted. However the asset can be modified depending on the “smart contract” attached to it. Said contract cannot be modified once it has been created. NFTs can be sold and transferred to another person, with the original creator earning commission. It can also be earned. Say how? Well, for starters, one can simply look up for best play to earn games on reputed gaming platforms. You can then win the NFTs through in-game items, collectibles, and avatars. These tokens can be anything digital and they are part of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Anyone can make an NFT, provided they have a wallet (like this Pastel wallet) and Etherium to attach the token to. Etherium can be bought from many exchanges then minted into tokens. These tokens can be used for many purposes. There are fees that apply to both of these actions, you can find more information on that here. Once the NFT is created it can be sold, or auctioned on a website like OpenSea. Those looking for the best nft drops will find plenty of sites online that can help them choose where to put their money so that they can own a little piece of this growing trend.
  • Who’s currently dealing with NFTs? Kings of Leon will be the first band to release their new album as an NFT and artist Grimes sold $6 million worth of digital music as NFTs. And last month, YouTuber Logan Paul sold more than $5 million worth of NFTs in the form of digital Pokémon cards. Is this just the latest blockchain craze or is it here to stay?
  • Speaking of crazes, everybody and their mother is talking about Clubhouse. It’s an audio-only social network where people can dip in and out of a variety of different conversations. Is it actually here to stay? It all depends. One of the big questions surrounding its viability is the fact it is currently advert-free.

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Case Study of the Week: Consistent Conversions for a Major Energy Services Provider

A major energy service provider came to Bidtellect with one main KPI: Attract new customers from their designated markets to a landing page with a lead generation page. Read how Bidtellect delivered conversions.

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Streaming Overload, Virginia Does Privacy, WFH with Kiddos: This Week’s Newsletter: February 26th, 2021

Streaming Overload, Virginia Does Privacy, WFH with Kiddos: This Week’s Newsletter: February 26th, 2021

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How to Shine in a Sea of Stream

Remember when Netflix delivered DVDs? Remember when we were trying to find out how torrenting works to download data? Ahh how times have changed. Now the cost of streaming services is considered a utility expense. But with so many choices (200+ streaming services!), consumers are overwhelmed and desperate for a trusted source to tell them what to watch. (It takes an average of 18 minutes for users to pick a new show! But TBH, sometimes I just give up). It is also putting a responsibility on the streamers’ shoulders to adopt some kind of Streamer Tactics and increase their viewership.

But, how can advertisers cut through the noise and reach consumers looking for a new show to watch that matches their unique interests? We combed through the data and offer winning strategy recs.


Virginia Joins the Privacy Party

Move over CCPA, CDPA the hottest newest privacy act. Last week, Virginia’s house of representatives and senate passed the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA). While in many ways it is stricter than CCPA and closer to GDPR, it also has a more limited definition of “consumer,” so it might not be as far-reaching as CCPA. Adexchanger breaks it down.

The Latest: WFH with Kids, Paramount+, Pharma

  • Parents share the best and worst realities of juggling WFH with kiddos in this heartwarming and funny piece in Digiday.
    The vaccines might be Big Pharma’s chance at redemption and winning over consumers.
    Speaking of streaming, ViacomCBS is pushing its new Paramount+ – a rebanded and revamped streaming service. What sets it apart from others is its cost structure: the service will have two tiers: $4.99 per month with ads, and $9.99 without.
    At a time when finance is on everyone’s mind, the industry would do well to step up its efforts to reach consumers with thoughtful educational content and contextual targeting to rebuild trust, in this op-ed.

ICYMI: On 2020: A Reflection

2020 is over, right? At least it says so on the calendar. Read CEO Lon Otremba’s thoughtful reflection on 2020: its challenges, triumphs, and lessons – and what it could mean for 2021.

Read it here: Bidtellect’s 2020: What We Did & What We Learned

Case Study of the Week: Financial Services Client Leverages Bidtellect Through the Purchase Funnel for Checking & Savings Campaign

A major financial services partner leveraged Bidtellect’s platform capabilities for native display and video needs, tracking CPA, CTR, and VCR goals. Read how Bidtellect overcame the challenges.

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