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Sick of WFH? Here’s How to Stay Productive

I’m currently writing this in the pajamas I haven’t yet changed out of, so this post was probably written FOR me. Director of Account Management Lysa Vincent shares her five tips to make working from home easier, more productive, and stress-free. From scheduling breaks to what to wear for success, including stats to back it up.

Whew, ty, you’re welcome. Let’s face it, ever since we have been working from home we have all needed a little guidance (sometimes a lot more), so any help that is made available we need to grab that! For instance, if you’ve got a slow internet connection, don’t put up with it, you need to look into some xfinity internet deals. It can provide you an insight on whether they can do something to boost that internet and stop you from freezing during your skype meetings with your boss.

As for the boredom, you can think of improving a few of the career skills that can help you in the future. You can try joining a training program for aws certification or DevOps courses that can provide you with knowledge of the IT sector and help you grow in the industry. Moreover, these types of classes can also help in getting a promotion in your office once you start taking more responsibilities in different departments of your office.

Moreover, if you are sitting in the same room and working for hours, you may also start feeling gloomy and depressed. It could be common for various people; however, as a remedy, you can look for solutions such as CBD vapes (check out https://www.canadacannabisdispensary.ca/product-category/vapes/ or similar websites for more details) or try doing some stretches between work hours. You can also take short breaks while working and go out for a 10-minute walk to get your mind to freshen up.

You may also feel bored by looking at those boring walls, and you may want to change the room or look for a better place. One option could be a home office, built in the midst of a beautiful backyard and equipped with an appealing shed (click to view home office shed designs). An office built in the garden may help you in increasing productivity and creativity. One helpful tip down, a few more to go…

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FORBES: The Social Media Pickle

Social Media is a marketer’s greatest blessing and darkest curse. How can marketers avoid embarrassing “gaffes” or going viral for the wrong reasons? Are user-generated feeds even a risk even worth taking? I mean, you and I know the answer, but Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba weighs in on Forbes for those that don’t.

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Why You Should Factor Diversity Into Your Strategy This Black History Month

How and why you should make diversity your advertising priority.

5 Holiday Mocktail Recipes With All the Flavor & No Alcohol

Holiday gatherings don’t need alcohol to be filled with joy. We found some holiday mocktail recipes full of flavor and holiday magic worth sharing.

Yeah, We Had To: Holiday Cocktail Recipes That’ll Make Santa Smile

Check out these holiday cocktail recipes to enjoy this year – at home, with family, or wherever the holidays (safely) take you this year. Cheers!

Canada Advertising Trends

Canadians are experiencing the full effect of digital advertising with trends like amount of spend on digital ads, mobile transactions, brand safety, and video ads.

Diversity & Multicultural Advertising Builds Trust

Diversity in advertising builds trust. Why representation matters.

PRIDE MONTH EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Members of the LGBTQ+ Community at Bidtellect

In this Spotlight Series, we have highlighted members of the LGBTQ+ community at Bidtellect to hear about their experiences and advice on how to best support and celebrate Pride Month at work.

3 Ways You Can Show Up For Pride Month As A Brand or Advertiser

How to create authentic Pride month campaigns to build trust with your audience and target consumers.

Spring and Summer Travel Trends & How To Reach Consumers

Spring and summer travel trends & tips that will help build trust and recognition for your brand.

Bidtellect Named Finalist for Three Dick Reed Awards 2022

Bidtellect is named finalist for three Dick Reed Awards! Read more.

Bidtellect CTO Michael Conway Talks Career Path

Bidtellect Chief Technology Officer Mike Conway sat down with CIO Professional Network to discuss his career path, successes at Bidtellect, and the importance of working with others. Fun tidbit: can you guess his top book recs for leadership in tech? One is Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

“One of the many things that I have learned over my lifetime experiences, whether it be from going to a military college, coaching a football team, or running an organization, is that you cannot do things alone. It is important to rely on other coaches and mentors and their sharing of their own experiences. True growth comes from these relationships.”

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  • It begins: Criteo has started testing the SSO solution OpenPass that will serve as the consumer-facing component of Unified ID 2.0, aiming to use email as an alternative to third-party cookies.
  • Are you up to date on the CAID drama? CAID is the state-backed China Advertising Association’s overt attempt to bypass Apple’s upcoming AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) policy. And the Chinese arms of Nielsen, Deloitte, PwC and P&G are all coming in for the assist. Talk about a headache an Apple a day can’t cure.
  • Google’s recent press release on the deprecation of third party cookies offered little in the way of new information. Worse, they dashed any last hopes of a unique identifier to replace the cookie. Bidtellect VP of Product Arthur Hainline on how the ad tech industry should move forward.
  • Speaking of alternative, how is a top global agency is preparing for the cookie-less future? Bidtellect’s Jonno Burden talks with Just Global’s Kathryn Nassar in All Contextual is Not Created Equal.
  • And if you need a breakdown on contextual, Bidtellect CTO Mike Conway talks contextual solutions and what it all means for the future on Digiday: Contextual advertising is key to driving performance in a post-cookies world.
  • Looking for a dose of inspiration? Check out our SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW SERIES: WOMEN AT BIDTELLECT. Nominated by their peers, five Bidtellect women talk successes, challenges, leadership styles, and strengths of being a woman. Read each interview on the blog.

Case Study of the Week: A Top Canadian Bank Turned to Bidtellect for Brand Awareness & Account Sign Ups

This major Canadian Bank required an effective solution to generate awareness and account sign ups for both their Checking and Savings line of business. Bidtellect’s impressive reach and scale coupled with optimization towards the goal of the campaign proved the right recipe for success. the future of cookie-based identification looms closer, this longstanding technology client decided to “future-proof” their digital strategy with a multi-partner performance test. Read more here.

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