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How to Surprise and Delight???? Your Customers

Winning over your customers is simple but not always easy. (Read that again). Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba weighs in on Forbes. Read number twelve and remember: outperforming expectations never fails.

READ: 15 Excellent Ways To Surprise And Delight Customers on Forbes


Read this: Hungry for News, Ready for Ads

Did you know that news is one of only a few consumer interests that grew this year? People are hungry for news, and the places they go most often are open web sources. News sites both associated and not associated with print newspapers are used almost 80% of the time. Considering that people are spending more time online than ever before (hello, WFH), advertising on the open web has never been more lucrative. Read more here: Americans are Hungry for News


More Data Privacy Laws Are Coming

Follow the leader! It started with California, most recently Virginia, and now other states are hopping on the privacy law train: Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Maine, and Oklahoma all are in the process of passing and approving new legislation (or updating outdated legislation) covering data privacy. Read more on Adage.


The European Commission Comes for Google’s FLoC Citing Anti-Competition

The EU’s Margrethe Vestager just confirmed that “Google’s proposals to deprecate third-party cookies are within the scope” of its ongoing antitrust competition. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority already launched its own inquiry into Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies after receiving complaints about how Google’s Privacy Sandbox proposals could impact competition. Read more on Adexchanger.


Why You Should Factor Diversity Into Your Strategy This Black History Month

How and why you should make diversity your advertising priority.

5 Holiday Mocktail Recipes With All the Flavor & No Alcohol

Holiday gatherings don’t need alcohol to be filled with joy. We found some holiday mocktail recipes full of flavor and holiday magic worth sharing.

Yeah, We Had To: Holiday Cocktail Recipes That’ll Make Santa Smile

Check out these holiday cocktail recipes to enjoy this year – at home, with family, or wherever the holidays (safely) take you this year. Cheers!

Canada Advertising Trends

Canadians are experiencing the full effect of digital advertising with trends like amount of spend on digital ads, mobile transactions, brand safety, and video ads.

Diversity & Multicultural Advertising Builds Trust

Diversity in advertising builds trust. Why representation matters.

PRIDE MONTH EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Members of the LGBTQ+ Community at Bidtellect

In this Spotlight Series, we have highlighted members of the LGBTQ+ community at Bidtellect to hear about their experiences and advice on how to best support and celebrate Pride Month at work.

3 Ways You Can Show Up For Pride Month As A Brand or Advertiser

How to create authentic Pride month campaigns to build trust with your audience and target consumers.

Spring and Summer Travel Trends & How To Reach Consumers

Spring and summer travel trends & tips that will help build trust and recognition for your brand.

Bidtellect Named Finalist for Three Dick Reed Awards 2022

Bidtellect is named finalist for three Dick Reed Awards! Read more.



  • Sick of WFH? Here are 5 Ways to Make WFH More Productive by Director of Account Management Lysa Vincent. Because WFH can be productive and stress-free – no matter how many little ones are in Zoom school (and P.S. give yourself some grace).
  • Social Media got you down? How to avoid mishaps on the platforms, and why you should maybe avoid them all together. Read it on Forbes featuring CEO Lon Otremba: Nine Effective Ways Marketers Can Avoid Social Media Gaffes
  • Work in tech? Bidtellect Chief Technology Officer Mike Conway sat down with CIO Professional Network to discuss his career path, successes at Bidtellect, and the importance of working with others.
  • Looking for a dose of inspiration? Check out our SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW SERIES: WOMEN AT BIDTELLECT. Nominated by their peers, five Bidtellect women talk successes, challenges, leadership styles, and strengths of being a woman. Read each interview on the blog.


Case Study of the Week: How a Leading Insurance Company Used Targeted Content to Reach Consumers Across Multiple Regions

Bidtellect’s client services team paired unique Native creative units with each specific article landing pages to help generate awareness around multiple product offerings. The results exceeded client goals. Read more here.

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