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Congratulations to Bidtellectual of the Week Shannon Malley!


Who said celebrating women had to end in March? We certainly didn’t. Check out this inspiring Spotlight Interview Series: Women at Bidtellect. Nominated by their peers, five Bidtellect women talk successes, challenges, leadership styles, and strengths of being a woman.


  • VP of Marketing Missy Steiner talks the power of “no,” the importance of listening, and her “5 Minute Rule.”
  • Director of UI/UX Carolina Escobar talks navigating a new country, mastering her craft, and Girls Who Code.
  • Senior Quality Lead Yulia Khudzik discusses team work, lifting up your colleagues, and setting priorities.
  • Director of Account Management Lysa Vincent discusses leading with empathy, empowering others, and finding your voice when it comes to family and professional success.
  • SVP of Sales Terah Bocchi talks the fallacy of work-life balance, embracing your unique communication style, finding mentors, and handling the challenges of the pandemic.


The Social Media Pickle

Social Media is a marketer’s greatest blessing and darkest curse. Many businesses ask is Growthoid legit because they are looking to increase their social media presence, but great power comes great responsibility. More eyes on your social media means less room for mistakes, and many a business has come under the negative spotlight for publishing a post in poor taste. How can marketers avoid embarrassing “gaffes” or going viral for the wrong reasons? Are user-generated feeds even a risk even worth taking? Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba weighs in on Forbes.

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CIO Spotlight: Michael Conway Talks Career Path

Bidtellect Chief Technology Officer Mike Conway sat down with CIO Professional Network to discuss his career path, successes at Bidtellect, and the importance of working with others.

“One of the many things that I have learned over my lifetime experiences, whether it be from going to a military college, coaching a football team, or running an organization, is that you cannot do things alone. It is important to rely on other coaches and mentors and their sharing of their own experiences. True growth comes from these relationships.”

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Case Study of the Week: Bidtellect Top-Performance Partner in IDL Test in Preparation for Cookie-Less Future

As the future of cookie-based identification looms closer, this longstanding technology client decided to “future-proof” their digital strategy with a multi-partner performance test. Read how Bidtellect beat out the competition.

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