In this five-part series, we highlight women at Bidtellect nominated by their peers for their inspiration, leadership, and success in the industry. We asked them everything from career advice to juggling teams and personal goals to the perks of being a woman.

Carolina Escobar is the Director of UI/UX at Bidtellect. She brings the same style and brightness of her day-to-day demeanor to her precise, thoughtful work designing and endlessly improving every feature of Bidtellect’s demand-side platform and user-interface. As one nominator wrote: “Her artistic vision and approach to her work has made our UI a thing that dreams are made of. Her long career at Bidtellect is glittered with incredible and impactful work from both a role and culture/work environment perspective.”

Carolina Escobar

 I am originally from Colombia and I moved to the States in my early 20s. In retrospect, as difficult as this was, I think it made me a better Engineer because I knew my work had to speak louder than my words.

Describe your role at Bidtellect. 

I’m the Director of UI/UX. My team and I are responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of every feature in our DSP application that the user interacts with.


How long have you worked in the advertising industry?

5 years in ad-tech, 20 years in the tech industry.


What is a struggle or difficulty that you had to overcome in your career – as a woman or otherwise?

Without a doubt, the greatest difficulty I’ve had to overcome was early in my career when I decided to move to a country where I did not speak the language natively. I am originally from Colombia and I moved to the States in my early 20s. In retrospect, as difficult as this was, I think it made me a better Engineer because I knew my work had to speak louder than my words. 18 years later I see that it did.



What is your greatest strength?

I think one of my greatest strengths is being a problem solver. I can see a situation from different perspectives and find creative solutions even in the face of difficult obstacles.




Obstacles will always exist. Don’t fail because of them, succeed despite them.


What strengths do you think you have as a woman that are unique to women that make you successful?

Empathy. Now, I don’t think empathy is a trait unique to women; however, I think that women generally grow up learning to care about others. Being able to wear other people’s shoes is very important in my field, to truly understand users’ needs and design solutions that address them.


What woman or women do you look up to (in your life, at Bidtellect, your past, or the industry)?

The women at Girls Who Code! I have always been a huge fan of their work. For those that don’t know, Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization created to support and increase the number of women in engineering. They have coding summer camps, clubs, and classes for girls in 3rd grade and all the way up to college. They not only teach girls how to code, but they also inspire them and introduce them to this wonderful career. This is a cause close to my heart and I plan to get involved at some point in my career.


What are you most proud of at your time at Bidtellect?

I am immensely proud of the evolution of our DSP in the last 5 years. Of course, this is the result of the work of many people. But I’m especially proud because almost every feature in the DSP that our users interact with, materializes in my desk when I start pushing pixels around to create prototypes. Seeing these prototypes become a live feature – thanks to the perfect execution of my team- is an exciting thing!


What advice would you give to other women or girls starting out their careers?

Obstacles will always exist, don’t fail because of them, succeed despite them. Nurture your creative side, everyone has one! It’ll make you better at solving problems and a happier person. Know your worth!


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