In this five-part series, we highlight women at Bidtellect nominated by their peers for their inspiration, leadership, and success in the industry. We asked them everything from career advice to juggling teams and personal goals to the perks of being a woman.

yulia khuzik bidtellect

Yulia Khudzik is the Senior Quality Lead at Bidtellect, combining thorough, meticulous work with fearless persistence to ensure the platform is operating at highest quality standards at all time. Ever pragmatic, Yulia “does incredible work all the time, isn’t afraid to “…look under the rocks…”, and is exceedingly humble about how important she is to the Quality Team and Bidtellect.” If that weren’t enough, every Bidtellectual would add that her genuine kindness and thoughtful conversation make her a joy to work with each day.

To me, being a team player means always trying to do your part and offering help if anyone needs it. Share knowledge and celebrate achievements together.

Describe your role at Bidtellect. 

I am a Senior Quality Lead and a member of the Quality Team. My role includes: requirements review, planning feature work with the team, testing new features and bug tickets, creating new or updating existing automation tests, creating or updating documentation, FAQs., and more.


How long have you worked in the advertising industry?

I have been working in the advertising industry since 2016, so about 5 years.


What woman or women do you look up to?

In the software testing industry, I follow Angie Jones, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory. These women are very knowledgeable and they often do webinars or present at the conferences to share their knowledge and experience.


Give compliments. Listen when someone needs to talk. Offer support  when needed. Give praise for good work.

What does being a team player mean to you?

To me, being a team player means always trying to do your part and offering help if anyone needs it. Share knowledge and celebrate achievements together.


What’s your advice for balancing work and life responsibilities?

I set priorities to the things I need to get done. Sometimes it’s a project at work or it can be a family matter. Make a plan for the day. Start with the most urgent and most important, but also be flexible and re-evaluate your priorities if needed. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when it becomes overwhelming.


How do you (try) to uplift other women at Bidtellect or in your life?

Give compliments, listen when someone needs to talk, offer support when needed, and give praise for good work.


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