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Let’s Go Somewhere: Travel Post-COVID!

Thanks to ecommerce and travel bookings, ad spend is red hot right now. (Boy, is that sentence a sight for sore eyes after 2020!) It’s true: in countries where cases are dropping and vaccines in hospitals and urgent care centres are being administered, consumers are planning to travel and buy products to prepare (hello, beach outfits!).

Individuals and businesses are still on their guard about the virus, but there are steps in place to ensure that cleanliness practices are being upheld, for instance, calling in Janitorial Cleaning Kingston services, and others like it, are high on the lists of commercial building owners who want people to come back but remain safe in their establishments. Here are some other notes on travel post-COVID:

  • 22% of consumers have booked a vacation within the next three months.
  • Expect a return to leisure travel before business travel, and don’t expect business travel to reach 2019 numbers anytime soon.
  • 45% of respondents said they need to be fully vaccinated before they feel comfortable vacationing.
  • Hygiene and safety standards will continue to be stringent, and digitalization will continue to transform the travel experience. Customer expectations are high!

People traveling after COVID-19 may also take precautions from their end. In fact, those who plan to travel to another country or city with their pets may want to take extra care of their dogs or cats. That is why it may be necessary to seek the advice of a veterinarian from a pet care center such as IndyVet – Philly before they are ready to travel. Also, before making any plans, people may want to get themselves thoroughly checked to see if they have any issues, as well as tested for covid. They may want to follow location-specific guidelines, wear masks, and keep a physical distance in places like restaurants, markets, tourist attractions, and so on.

Moreover, they may also rent a car in Palma ( or in other travel locations) instead of opting for public transport or tour packages. It can reduce the chances of COVID widespread and can benefit businesses to keep running without worrying about a lockdown. Moreover, small businesses such as cafes, local stores, diner, and others can also ensure they are following COVID protocols and ensuring their’s and their customers’ safety.

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Trader Scorecard: Your Questions Answered

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Around the Industry:

  • For QSRs, apps, touch-less delivery, and loyalty programs were their saving grace over COVID (29% said they increased their usage over 2020, according to Gardner). Now, consumers are loving those loyalty programs and extra perks; QSRs are going to keep pushing them post-pandemic.
  • PubMatic posted revenues of $43.6 million for the opening quarter of 2021 as video and CTV spend bolstered revenues.
  • TTD teased Double Encryption for Publishers, an extra security layer for its Unified ID.
  • Meanwhile, Criteo is currently testing Unified ID 2.0’s single sign-on solution with hundreds of consumers.


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