The Power and Performance of Bidtellect’s Context-First Optimization Intelligence, Harnessed For Traditional Display.

A NEW way to buy Display! Elevate traditional banner campaigns with Bidtellect’s Context-First & Cookieless Optimization solutions. Our technology prioritizes contextual relevance and sentiment, giving brands the opportunity to engage people at peak moments of intent. 

Bidtellect’s Context-First Optimization fuels our performance algorithm AARDVark, creating greater efficiencies and driving strong performance. AARDVark’s context optimization has consistently proven to drive superior results vs. competitors.  

Why Run Display with Bidtellect? 

As a trusted Native partner, we continue to prove our success for brands throughout the marketing funnel through our Cookieless Bidding and Optimization Signals. We are excited to open the doors to Traditional Display and roll out our proven strategies for brands to continue leveraging our smart optimization solutions across their programmatic buys.

Cookieless Bidding Signals


Devices, Geo’s, Time of Day/Day of Week


Site & Page URL, Pub Category, Page Context, Keywords


Ad Slot on Site, Location, Ad Size, Ad Type, Creative Version, Viewable


Bid Auction, Value, Price, Estimation

Bidtellect Display Benchmarks



Comparable to Native

CPA & Cost Per Site Visit


 Time on Site

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Hurry promotion ends September 30, 2021