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Congratulations to Bidtellectual of the Week Yeni Gordillo!

It’s Almost Back-to-School! Are You Ready?!

Parents, you probably are. Pour yourself a glass of wine and toast to back to getting those kiddos out of the house! Advertisers: how about your campaigns? It’s not too late to get your campaign strategy up to par to reach those back-to-school shoppers and help them succeed. If you are a brick-and-mortar store, are you doing everything possible to attract your targeted customer base? Thought about bringing in merchandising solutions to help with showcasing your products for buyers? These things are incredibly important to think about during this period.

Here’s a tip: Offer to educate or solve problems in your copy. New hygiene protocols? Uncertainty about in-person classes? Choosing the right notebook? Help your students out.

Download the Onesheet: A+ Back to School 2021 Advertising Trends and Tips for Your Campaigns

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Holiday Shopping 2021: Our Mandatory Creative Tips

Did you know photographs perform better than animated images? How about that children, pets, and people in images all but guarantee engagement? And for the holidays, including a promotion or discount in your headline will bring you higher performance. Read more creative tips in our Engaging Holiday Creatives Onesheet!

PLUS: 5 Trends and Tips For Brands & Advertisers This Holiday Shopping Season

And: Our 6 Mandatory Tips for Engaging Holiday Creative Assets

ICYMI: Bidtellect’s New Display Offering

It’s official: Bidtellect will now offer traditional display and banner ads with the same performance precision of its native advertising. We are excited to apply our smart optimization solutions and context-first strategy to traditional display to meet and exceed brands’ performance goals. Just like we always have! Read more:

Read the Press Release: Bidtellect Harnesses the Power of Context-First Optimization for New Display Offering

Read the Case Study: Specialty Retail Chain Tests New Display Offering With Bidtellect, Increases ROAS by 40%

Around the Industry:

  • The auto industry’s ad spending will rebound. According to eMarketer, auto will more than make up for the drop of $1.22 billion in digital ad spending it lost in 2020 in 2021.
  • The US programmatic digital display ad market will pass the $100-billion mark by 2022, as third-party cookie deprecation looms closer (eMarketer).
  • The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday filed a revised, and significantly lengthier, antitrust complaint against Facebook. The move comes after a U.S. District Court Judge dismissed the agency’s initial claims (Mediapost).
  • The holy influencer: the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative have tapped Pope Francis as the star of a new PSA designed to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines, specifically in Hispanic communities disproportionately affected by the virus across the Americas (Mediapost).
  • Retail comes full circle: ecommerce giant Amazon plans to open physical department store locations, sending “a shudder” through retail stocks (AdAge).

Creatives of the Week:


Each week, we’ll share some of our most engaging creatives out in the wild!

Celebrities are a powerful engagement tool, as evidenced by this engaging creative! And as we mentioned above, people always perform better in images, especially when they are smiling! Notice how the copy in both of these invite the viewer to engage “Try this” and “ask a question.”

Read more about Bidtellect’s creative services team, [b]+studio.

Case Study of the Week: How a Government-Led Agency Turned Content and Context into a Main Performance Tactic Thanks to Bidtellect​

A San Francisco-based agency focused primarily on midmarket and government accounts originally tapped Bidtellect three years ago to develop a strategy for an anti-smoking health organization.

Read more about their new challenges and success here.


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