When Bidtellect recognized it was time to switch to HPE Ezmerel for its data needs, we knew migration would be a massive undertaking. Despite this pressure, we achieved it in just five weeks with no service interruption. In this joint case study feature published by HPE, read how Bidtellect was able to save money and improve performance. Here are 3 takeaways:

1. Change is good!

The motivation to switch came from increasing in prices along with the need for better functionality and performance. Change is (usually) never a bad thing!

2. The data needs

Bidtellect is a highly competitive demand side platform that runs online bid requests and auctions for digital advertising. With that, there is a lot of data that needs to be processed. Migrating to a new vendor would not be easy, and HPE Ezmerel would need to be up to the challenge of our data and performance needs.

3. Key advantages

The migration to HPE Ezmeral has allowed for real-time feedback. There are four key advantages that have been a direct outcome in this migration: more efficient date storage, higher performance, improved security, and an easy-to-access file system architecture.

Read more about our successful partnership with HPE Ezmerel for data and performance outcomes.

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