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Hello Bidtellectuals!

Congratulations to Bidtellectuals of the Week Emili Lewis!


Bidtellect Gives Back for Thanksgiving

Bidtellect is hosting a virtual food drive to help those in need this Thanksgiving and December Holiday Season. Sadly, in our headquarters of South Florida, 1 in 6 individuals is food insecure. Feeding South Florida is the largest, most efficient food bank serving Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties. More than 98% of all donations are put back into the community.

We hope you will consider donating. $5 = 45 meals that Feeding South Florida can provide to the community – so any donations made on our page have a BIG impact! Donate here.


Bidtellectuals Share What They’re Grateful for This Year

On the topic of Thanksgiving, we asked Bidtellectuals what they are grateful for this year. Despite its challenges (a lingering pandemic, political conflicts, general uncertainty, and adjusting to ever-changing circumstances), 2021 also saw hope for recovery and a brighter future: new emphasis on work-life balance, rapid medical advancements, and travel and business reopening. Bidtellect was proud to announce some new changes for the team, too: new half-day Fridays, company-wide mindfulness/meditation twice per month, a more formal remote work assistance program, and more.

Read what they shared here: Bidtellectuals Share What They’re Grateful for This Year


We Went to an In-Person Industry Conference and Loved It

Bidtellect was psyched to sponsor Digiday’s Programmatic Marketing Summit last week. Aside from the valuable information shared, the real highlights revolved around finally seeing industry friends and cohorts in person (safely, of course).

Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba spoke about the evolution of context-driven technology and how to make adjusting to the cookieless future easier. Did you know 8 in 10 US marketers and publishers are still relying primarily on 3rd party cookies to determine the identity of their audiences?

Get prepared with our new context demographics targeting feature.  

Read more: 5 Ways Technology Can Create a Brand Safe Environment for Advertisers


What You Do NOT Want to Forget When Planning Your Holiday Campaigns

It’s the final countdown! Did you know that 30% of consumers will try a new online store because of early holiday deals? And one-quarter of consumers research purchases one month before their Black Friday buys. Read more in our top tips and trends for holiday campaign planning that you don’t want to forget.

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Lon Otremba bidtellect ceo

Bidtellect Named Top Martech Company in 2021

“We always place the advertiser and the advertiser’s performance on the top of the priority list when it comes to positioning our technology in the market, ensuring the best possible results for the client.” – Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba.

Read the full interview now. 

NEW Case Study With HPE

When Bidtellect recognized it was time to switch to HPE Ezmerel for its data needs, we knew migration would be a massive undertaking. Despite this pressure, we achieved it in just five weeks with no service interruption. Read more about our partnership with HPE Ezmerel for data and performance outcomes.


Bidtellect reports 4 data management and analytics benefits using HPE Ezmeral

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Creatives of the Week:


Each week, we’ll share some of our most engaging creatives out in the wild!

Listicles always lure attention and the simple tire image lets consumers know exactly the topic. Placement on the page played a role in this, too , reaching the eyes of consumers looking for shopping inspiration – especially important in auto shopping.

Read more about Bidtellect’s creative services team, [b]+studio.

NEW CASE STUDY: Bidtellect Exceeds Full Funnel Goals for Leading Automotive Tire Brand by 2x

Bidtellect was able to help an automotive brand drive upper funnel, site engagement, and conversion performance. The campaign leveraged Bidtellect’s context-driven optimization algorithm in order to find sites, contextual environments, and ad placements most likely to deliver qualified site engagement, and time on site.

Read more here.

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