Behind the Platform: NEW Cookieless Context Demographics Targeting + Video

Behind the Platform: NEW Cookieless Context Demographics Targeting + Video

Great news! Bidtellect is excited to offer what we believe is an industry first: a way to skew campaigns towards Gender and Age demographic selections based on domain reported site analytics without the use of cookies.

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Bidtellect Releases Cookieless Context Demographic Targeting Feature, Industry First

What does it all mean?

The first of its kind, Bidtellect’s new Context Demographics Targeting DSP feature allows advertisers to target age and gender demographics without cookies for the privacy-first future. This cookieless context differentiator is the first of its kind in the industry and unique to Bidtellect!

It also offers a cost-effective solution, saving advertisers on costly audience data and giving them ability to balance scale and accuracy according to their unique campaign goals and budget.

How does it work?

The DSP features a slider that allows advertisers to select age and gender targeting based on domain analytics across Bidtellect’s premium supply placements. Advertisers can choose domains that skew either heavily male or female, and choose from six age ranges to target solely or in combination with one another. For example, an advertiser might wish to target 65% women-visited sites, which would target domains that have at least a 65% female population of visitors, based on domain analytics.

Note: “Or” Logic applies between the demographics selected within each category
“And” Logic between the two different demographics themselves.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Cookieless solution allows advertisers to skew campaigns towards a given age or gender demographic.
  • Cost efficient add-on vs. expensive data CPM
  • Increased control with the ability to balance scale vs. accuracy

To learn more, download our onesheet below or reach out to your Bidtellect contact! You can also contact us here. 

Watch now! VP of Product Arthur Hainline takes us behind the platform and walks through the new feature.

Download the Onesheet

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