As the holiday season is in full swing, we asked Bidtellectuals to share what is at the top of their holiday wishlist. Whether you are asking for health and happiness or an item that has been on your list since childhood, we hope all your holiday wishes come true!

"A KitchenAid mixer is at the top of my wishlist!"

It would save my arms a lot of work when I’m kneading dough or whipping some meringue.

Alexander Williams, Staff Accountant


"I REALLLLLLLY hope Santa remembers a reMarkable tablet for me this year!"

I’ve been dreaming of this product since roughly 2006. I’m a total pen & stationery nerd, but I’m willing to put my paper away for the ability to have all of my notes in one place: organized, searchable, and at my fingertips.

Courtney Bonkowski, Director of Finance & HR

"There are no materialistic things that could compare to health and happiness for all."

Ok, that and a case of 2012 Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Missy Steiner, VP of Marketing

"All I want for Christmas is for COVID to go away."

I’m so sick of this s***.  And on that note, I wish for health, happiness, and safety for all. 

Charlotte Otremba, Director of Communications & Marketing


"If I had a wishlist, this telescope would be on the top."

As much as I enjoy astronomy there’s never really a good time to “buy” a telescope. But can you really put a price on seeing the cosmos with your own eyes? If Santa ever wanted to bring me something really cool that he never got me when I was a kid, it’d totally be a telescope. 

Nathaniel Seenarine 

And some recent photos of Bidtellectuals spending time together despite the circumstances! We are grateful for team!

Happy Holidays! We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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