Learn about Campaign Flighting to optimize campaign planning and improve your digital ad performance in the Bidtellect DSP.

What is Campaign Flighting?

Flighting is the ability to define multiple flights (date ranges) that have specific budgets assigned to them within a single campaign. Campaigns then deliver and pace to the active flight’s budget and time range. Your Campaign’s Flight consists of the Start Date and End Date

What It’s Best For:

Fixed budget campaigns.

What Happens:

Within a campaign, you can create multiple flights or time ranges just by indicating a start time, end time, and budget. As long as they do not overlap, flights can have varying lengths of time and budgets. They can even be removed or changed as needed, and there can be a gap between flights in a campaign, during which no bidding or spending will occur.

Did you know?

Unused budget in a current flight can be used in a future flight. “Actualizing” enables more efficient use of budget and an ability to shift budget priorities based on performance.

Watch Now:

We walk through Campaign Flighting in this brief Behind the Platform video.

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