New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting and refreshing times of the year. We all gather with family and friends to celebrate and reflect on the year, maybe drink a few too many glasses of champagne (just me?!) and eat an embarrassing amount of food. But when January 1st comes around, it is time to set new goals for the New Year. Check out what our Bidtellectuals New Year’s Resolutions are:



Happy New Year! I’m trying to spread more sunshine this year by giving out little compliments, whether it’s to strangers/people you see out and about or people I know… who doesn’t love a compliment! Bringing people more smiles, that’s the goal 🙂

Katie Broussard
Senior Account Strategist


In 2022 I’ve resolved to keep things in perspective & focus on balance. It’s easy to forget that any given situation is only as important as the value & meaning we assign it in our own mind, I’m reducing the airtime I give to energy-sucking & joy-depleting thoughts/people/situations.

Courtney Bonkowski
Director of Finance & HR

To try and %$#@ing swear less!!

Janelle Watanabe
Sales Director

Self Care & Self Love. More Patience.

Lisa Friedman
Director, Sales East


Get back on my peloton – which is currently being used to hang dry laundry!

Craig Aron
SVP Growth and Strategic Business Development

To be more patient and kind to myself, which will ultimately make me a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend & colleague.

Tamanna Ghazvini-Sousa
Sales Director, Canada


Read more books!

Nick Gomez
Product Manager

One of my new year’s resolutions is to write more. Goal is to write at least one article per month (sports, creative writing, reviews of media, etc.)

Kyle Kelly
Jr. Account Manager



My New Year’s resolution is to be more mindful of my mental and physical health through reflection and journaling.

Alexander Williams
Staff Accountant

I have made a resolution to improve the overall organizational efficiency of the R&D organization.
In addition, spend more “quality” time with family and friends. Life is too short!

Michael Conway
Chief Technology Officer


Travel more, explore new places, and make new memories. This includes skiing! 2022 I’m going to be a big skier 🙂

Charlotte Otremba
Director of Communications.& Marketing

This year my focus is being more creative musically in my spare time. Focussing on writing, performing, and producing music whenever I can get a spare second.

Jonathon Burden
Director of Sales, West Coast


One-Touch Rule: Always put things back where I found it: It’s simple, and yet I sometimes leave stuff laying around the house when the stuff has a little place in the home. Benefit? It reduces the “stuff” pile and I’ll never lose things (hopefully). I can’t take credit for this, I saw it on TikTok but I love it!

Give Back: I’ve committed to spending a few hours each week working with Second Chance Initiative and helping to spread the word of a great local organization.

Reduce Noise and Focus on What’s Important: I’ve always struggled with the power of “no”. I take on way too much and lose sight of what’s really important. And I don’t mean in the office – I mean personally. I’m always helping out friends with their side hustles and I love doing it – but if it takes away from my time with my family or when I need to focus on myself, then the answer is no.

Missy Steiner
VP of Marketing

Slow to anger, slow to speak, quick to listen.

Jason Boshoff
Chief Operating Officer

My goal is to make Bidtellect the best company anyone here has ever worked for. I am resolved to do all in my power and abilities to make that happen!

Lon Otremba
Chief Executive Officer


Some of my resolutions for 2022:
1. Be present. I want to cut down device usage :). Less time on social media, more time with family.
2. Have photographs printed… I miss printed photographs.
3. Ride that Peloton 😀

Carolina Escobar
Director of UI/UX

What we eat and drink has an impact on everything. This year I’m making it my goal to drink more water to help clear my mind, improve my concentration and improve my physical health. Cutting out caffeine was easy (thanks to giving me anxiety!). H20 here we go!

Yeni Gordillo
Creative Director



This year I am committed to getting healthy! I’ve gained the “COVID 20” and I’m dedicating myself to this resolution with hard work, discipline and consistency! Also, now that I’ve told you, I will need to stay accountable 🙂

Stacy McElhone
Junior Software Quality Engineer

My resolution for the year is to stay on my fitness GRIND! Trying to make sure I go to the gym and eat healthy as much as I know I should!

Thomas Follis
Accountant Management Intern



Happy New Year from all of us at Bidtellect! 

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