In honor of Women’s History Month, we turned to the inspiring women here at Bidtellect for advice and inspiration. In this five-part series, we highlight women at Bidtellect nominated by their peers for their leadership and success in the industry. We asked them everything from career advice to juggling teams and personal goals to the strengths of being a woman.

Terah Bocchi photo vp of sales bidtellect spotlight women at bidtellect

Terah Bocchi

Terah Bocchi is the Senior Vice President of Sales. Her clear communication style, strategic thinking, and ability to lead a large team spread across the country with strength, kindness, and support makes her an irreplaceable member of the Bidtellect family. In this interview, Terah talks the fallacy of work-life balance, embracing your unique communication style, finding mentors, and handling the challenges of the pandemic.

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I used to think my personality was a weakness. That I somehow needed to conform to my previous male bosses’ personality types to be successful: be louder, be tougher. It took me a while to understand that wasn’t the case. The qualities I found in good management had nothing to do with how loud they were or how tough they came off.  

lysa vincent bidtellect spotlight women at bidtellect

Lysa Vincent

Described as “approachable, intelligent, decisive, analytical, eloquent, and hilarious” Director of Account Management Lysa Vincent simultaneously strategizes for her clients, fine tunes operational processes, and leads a team of Account Managers on the West Coast. In this interview, Lysa Vincent discusses leading with empathy, empowering others, and finding your voice when it comes to family and professional success, proving that the right job and the right people will propel you forward in your career.

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Obstacles will always exist. Don’t fail because of them, succeed despite them.

photo of yulia spotlight women at bidtellect

Yulia Khudzik

Yulia Khudzik is the Senior Quality Lead at Bidtellect, combining thorough, meticulous work with fearless persistence to ensure the platform is operating at highest quality standards at all time. In this interview, Yulia talks the value of teamwork, work-life balance, and uplifting other women.

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Give compliments. Listen when someone needs to talk. Offer support when needed. Give praise for good work.

spotlight women at bidtellect carolina escobar headshot photo

Carolina Escobar

Carolina Escobar is the Director of UI/UX at Bidtellect. She brings the same style and brightness of her day-to-day demeanor to her precise, thoughtful work designing and endlessly improving every feature of Bidtellect’s demand-side platform and user-interface. In this interview, Carolina offers =advice to women starting their careers, the unique strengths of leading as a woman, and whom she looks up to.

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I remind myself of all the past challenges women faced long before me so that I have the opportunity to be in this position. For that I do feel empowered and grateful. We can get through this. Women are resilient, strong, smart and determined. History shows us that.

photo of missy steiner bidtellect vp of marketing spotlight women at bidtellect

Missy Steiner

Missy Steiner is Bidtellect’s Vice President of Marketing. Not only does she oversee the company’s creative vision and go-to-market strategy, she also leads Bidtellect’s unique in-house creative services arm, [b]+studio. Missy’s team loves her bubbly personality and endless support and understanding. In this interview, Missy talks productivity hacks, the importance of listening, and finding your joy and personal sparkle. 

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The most important thing: don’t dull your shine! If there are factors in your life that are inhibiting you from the joys of sparkling and shining – get rid of them.

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