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Happy Pride from Bidtellect

Pride Month– a time to celebrate the historically marginalized LGBTQ+ community – may be coming to an end, but celebrating shouldn’t. This year, remember that authentic representation and giving back to the community all year round will be the best way to build a connection with employees, colleagues, and consumers.

We compiled the latest research and campaign tips to celebrate diverse representation.

Did you know? LGBTQ+ individuals make up approximately 4.5% of the US population but account for 8%-approximately $1 trillion-of the country’s disposable income (eMarketer, 2021)

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3 Ways You Can Show Up For Pride Month As A Brand or Advertiser 

When planning your campaigns, the key is to go beyond “slapping a rainbow on it” and hijacking campy phrases. Instead, work towards authentic representation and support, which will ultimately build trust, brand loyalty, and sales.

PRIDE MONTH EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Members of the LGBTQ+ Community at Bidtellect

In honor of Pride Month, we are excited to highlight members of the LGBTQ+ community at Bidtellect. Read about about their experiences and advice on how to best support and celebrate Pride at work.

How & Why to Build Diversity in Your Advertising Efforts 

Diversity is more than just a buzzword. Recent data points to a desire from users – especially younger generations – to see more diversity in advertising. We break down how to incorporate a range of representation in your campaigns.

Are you ready?

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Make Your 4th of July Campaigns Light Up the Sky

After a lingering pandemic, expect this summer’s 4th of July Weekend to be big in terms of cookouts and community celebrations, as consumers are eager to gather and celebrate with loved ones. This means big spending on food and food items – a great opportunity for quick-service restaurants and grocery stores. Read our latest research and campaign strategies for more.


Summer Travel Trends

Hello, sunshine! It’s not too late to spruce up your summer travel campaigns and creatives. We compiled the latest trends and tips to make your programmatic campaigns take off!


Did you know?
  • 81.0% of American travelers report strong excitement for their travel this year and 86.2% are in a ready-to-travel state-of-mind (Destination Analysts, 2022)
  • One travel company reported a jump in searches to “epic destinations” (Amadeus, 2021)
  • There’s been a reported 600% rise in bookings for groups of over 20 people, while searches for popular destinations for groups of friends have doubled (Amadeus, 2021)

In case you missed it…

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Bidtellect Named Finalist for Best Contextual Targeting Offering – Digiday

Bidtellect has been nominated for Best Contextual Targeting Offering at the 2022 Digiday Media Awards! The nomination reinforces our commitment to innovative contextual technology, our position as an industry in a rapidly evolving cookieless marketplace. The winners will be announced on June 30th!

Read the Press Release

Hello, Keywords! We Teamed Up With Peer39

We’re serious about our context technology. The new partnership will offer expanded keyword targeting and blocking capabilities to Bidtellect clients, and Bidtellect users can target Peer39 categories and make use of their Brand Safety tools.

Read the Press Release

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Consumer Goods Company Surpasses VCR Goal and Achieves Tangible Brand Lift Awareness with Bidtellect

A Consumer Goods Company turned to Bidtellect’s video capabilities to increase brand awareness and engagement. Read the Case Study for the details.

Major Cloud Storage Service Company Exceeds CPA Goal by 84% With Bidtellect

The Company decided to set their CPA goal based on previous remarketing efforts with another platform plus a 20% increase. Bidtellect rose to the challenge: read the Case Study.

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