This year’s Veterans Day is Friday, November 11, 2022. The legal holiday is dedicated to American veterans of all wars. The weekend is often a celebratory and honorary event, but it’s also a chance for brands to offer promotions and discounts in celebration. Here’s what to know.

Veterans & Active Military Discounts

Veterans and active military members are most drawn to brands that offer specific discounts catered to them. They’ll be more likely to purchase from a brand offering a specific discount and will be more loyal to that brand going forward.

Our recommendation: Work with [b]+studio to include Veteran’s Day and military promotions in your creative assets. Promotions consistently see the highest engagement in creative assets. Maximize Bidtellect’s first-to-market context demographics targeting to skew supply towards target demographic characteristics.




of military members say they actively seek out brands that offer military discounts (SheerID)

of members of the military say that when a brand offers a military discount, they know that brand is military-friendly—and when they recognize that, they become quite loyal customers (SheerID)

of military members said they would shop at a brand more often when given a personalized offer (SheerID)

Veterans Day is a Big Retail Sale Weekend

Veteran’s Day is another chance for general retail sales and promotions. Reach consumers already shopping and researching online – trends show consumers are preferring online shopping or at least researching online versus in-store.

Our recommendation: Many sites will compile lists of upcoming veterans’ discounts along with general Veteran’s Day sales across verticals. Utilize Bidtellect’s contextual targeting technology combined with predictive audiences to reach target consumers researching relevant veterans’ and sale content. Utilize keywords to find sites with these keywords and phrases. 





of respondents preferred to both browse and purchase online when shopping for apparel (eMarketer, 2022)

favored stores for both (eMarketer, 2022)

another 20% preferred to browse online and complete their purchases in stores (eMarketer, 2022)

On average, respondents estimated that 58% of their total apparel spending over the previous 12 months took place via online channels (eMarketer, 2022)

We hope these Veterans Day digital trends and strategy recommendations help you plan your campaigns! Remember to keep veterans and military discounts in mind, and reach consumers with retail sales and promotions in your creative assets and using context-driven technologies.

Reach out to your Bidtellect representative if you want more information or a head-to-head performance test. 


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