With Scope3 now in Bidtellect’s platform, clients will gain transparency into the carbon cost of their advertising campaigns and the tools to reduce their emissions immediately directly through our DSP.scope3 bidtellect  green advertising, carbon cost, sustainability, ad supply, advertising transparency

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“Digital programmatic media has always been accused – justifiably – of being far too complex, and we now know that its waste comes with a high cost to the environment. If you are an agency or a brand that values and prioritizes buying media based on its carbon footprint, Bidtellect is the only buying platform that puts actionable tools based on Scope3’s unique data in your hands today.

Lon Otremba, CEO of Bidtellect

The Current State of Carbon Emissions & Digital Advertising

Wasteful, multiple supply paths, and lack of cooperation have kept the ad’s supply path hazy and emissions-heavy.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Digital technologies are responsible for up to 5.9% of total greenhouse gas emissions, of which Internet advertising is a significant contributor. The energy consumption of these technologies is increasing by 9% a year (World Economic Forum).

Media Waste

1/2 of online ad money is being siphoned off by the adtech ecosystem before it reaches publishers (ISBA and PwC) .

"Untraceable" Ad Paths

Of that, about 1/3 of the money was “completely untraceable.” 88% of dollars could not be traced from end to end (ISBA and PwC) .

What Does Scope3 Do?

Scope3 is the only company to report true supply chain emissions data. Scope3 brings granular visibility into the advertising supply chain by measuring the carbon emissions of every single part of the ad journey based on their programmatic setup.

Scope3 is named for the type of emissions they track: emissions that are not produced by the company itself or as a result of activities from assets owned or controlled by them, but by those that it’s indirectly responsible for up and down its value chain (“scope 3 emissions”). scope3 bidtellect  green advertising, carbon cost, sustainability, ad supply, advertising transparency

Scope3 + Bidtellect

With Scope3 integrated into the Bidtellect DSP, clients will be able to seamlessly incorporate its data into their campaign strategy.

Bidtellect users will have accurate insights into the carbon impact of their campaigns. More importantly, they will be able to take immediate action in the platform with ease – choosing or blocking domains, creating specific allow lists, and more – based on Scope3’s carbon data.

In a time of calls for sustainability and transparency, both publishers and advertisers benefit from initiatives like these.

scope3 bidtellect  green advertising, carbon cost, sustainability, ad supply, advertising transparency

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“When brands have accurate emissions measurement data available in the same place they are executing media buys, it’s a lot easier to factor carbon into optimization decisions. Bidtellect is paving the way while prioritizing action. By offering Scope3 data directly in their platform, Bidtellect is giving buyers exactly what they need to make progress on sustainability commitments, improve advertising and proactively reduce carbon emissions.”

Brian O’Kelley, CEO and Co-Founder of Scope3

The Positive Side Of Reducing Emissions

The obvious benefits are: reduced waste into the environment, a cleaner advertising ecosystem, more transparency into the pathway of an ad delivery, greater trust between consumers and advertisers, between publishers and advertisers, and on and on.

49% of executives surveyed in October by Deloitte believed sustainability efforts will have a positive impact on their brand and reputation. 76% of advertisers want the industry to further reduce carbon emissions according to eMarketer.

Next Steps

Scope3 is currently live in Bidtellect’s platform. Initial data point to a strong correlation between low carbon emission sites and higher quality of supply. Reach out to your Bidtellect rep or contact us here to begin testing today.

Read the Press Release:

Green Advertising First to Market: Bidtellect Adopts Scope3 to Offer Carbon Transparency, Helping Advertisers Take Immediate Action to Reduce Carbon Footprint | Newswire 

scope3 bidtellect  green advertising, carbon cost, sustainability, ad supply, advertising transparency

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