Tips for Engagement: Valentine’s Day 2023

Tips for Engagement: Valentine’s Day 2023

Post-Pandemic, Holidays Mean More

A chance to celebrate connection? We’re not taking this Valentine’s Day for granted. More consumers will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with gifts and experiences to show their love – whether it’s romantic, a show of friendship, or appreciation.  

Did you know? Last year, 31% planned to gift an experience or evening out, like a spa day, concert, or romantic dinner (NRF). Younger (18-24 year old) consumers are more likely to plan this, so gear retail and physical gift advertisements to older cohorts.

Offer Inspiration

Create content that inspires shoppers and offers ideas for gifts or celebration. Guide consumers on their journey to increase engagement (and conversions!).

Context is Key

Utilize Bidtellect’s contextual targeting tools to reach shoppers already researching Valentine’s Ideas. Read more about the power of contextual for engagement and efficiency here.

Category and Keyword Targeting

Utilize our platform’s category taxonomy or keyword targeting, thanks to our integration with Peer39. Learn more about the Peer39 and keyword targeting in our platform here.

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Why You Should Factor Diversity Into Your Strategy This Black History Month

Why You Should Factor Diversity Into Your Strategy This Black History Month

As Black History commences, we in the advertising, digital marketing, and technology communities remind ourselves that diversity is more than just a buzzword.

It is important to continue to honor the contributions and injustices against the Black community. Indeed, one month out of the year does not suffice in recognizing the racial violence that our country continues to deal with. In this blog, we look at valuable statistics around diversity and how it applies to our field of digital advertising.

Data points to a desire from users – especially younger generations – to see more diversity in advertising.

We took a closer look at the impact of incorporating a range of representation in digital advertising.




Multicultural consumers make up almost 40% of the U.S. population

But multicultural media spending is only 5.2% of total ad and marketing spend.

Brands with the highest diversity scores see an 83% higher consumer preference.

Download our onesheet for more statistics and key takeaways you can implement now. 


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Focusing on genuine representation and building a connection with all communities builds trust with consumers and ultimately builds brand loyalty. It is imperative to not only represent minorities within advertisements, but also to normalize the presence of non-heteronormative bodies within the media. While we have a long way to go, learning and reading more about it is a great place to start.



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Why You Should Factor Diversity Into Your Strategy This Black History Month

How and why you should make diversity your advertising priority.

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