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Bidtellect is the Leading End-to-End Native DSP Built Specifically for Native Advertising

Everything You Expect from Traditional DSPs Is Available for Native
Why Work With A “One Size Fits All” When You Can Work With a DSP Specializing in Native and Content Distribution

Audience Targeting

Distribute content to your target audience with Bidtellect’s sophisticated audience targeting capabilities. Our technology can target across devices and products against multiple parameters, Contextual, Behavioral, Demographic, and Location just to name a few. This distribution can take place on social platforms such as Instagram, which will allow you to use other software like instaboostgram and this will help to create more growth and therefore, a larger target audience.

Advanced KPI Optimization

Bidtellect can optimize toward one or multiple KPIs in any campaign, including CTR, Engagement Score, Conversions, Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate, Page Views Per Visit, View Rate and Play Rate.

1st and 3rd Party Data

Directly integrated with leading DMPs including Adobe, Oracle DMP, Lotame and Liveramp, Bidtellect can access over 40 DMPs via these partnerships and is constantly adding new ones.

Real-Time Reporting & Optimization

Intellibid?, Bidtellect’s Optimization Engine, is in its third generation and is the most advanced optimization tool in the market. It provides granular real-time reporting by ad format, creative, and device type, which allows marketers to continuously make smarter media buys based on campaign performance in real-time.

Engagement Score

The industry’s only post-click engagement metric is a paradigm shift away from using the click (CTR) as the determinant of success. Bidtellect’s proprietary algorithm tracks, measures and optimizes against the following variables:

  • Page Views
  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • User Sessions

All of these data points are expressed through a simple score (0-10) which also provides great insight to the agency/advertiser on what device, format or piece of content is seeing the highest engagement. This could allow you to make informed decisions on other campaigns you would like to persue. For example, if you recieve a lot of engagement from mobile devices, then following up with a SMS campaign like those provided by Tatango may be worth looking into. If the opposite were true, then changing your advertising strategy to focus less on mobile device users is also possible.

All Native Formats

Unlike omnichannel DSPs, we have the largest variety of Native formats available – In-Feed, In-Ad, Recommendation Widgets and 3 distinct Native Video formats – that can be executed across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Scale Content in Real-Time with Native Programmatic

Bidtellect’s nDSP is built on the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.3 spec, which enables the necessary communication between DSPs and SSPs to scale the delivery of Native ads in RTB environments. This technology takes the deconstructed assets of a Native ad and assembles and deploys it in real-time.

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Proven Optimization That Works

Built for today’s marketer, Bidtellect’s proprietary optimization algorithms are the smartest, most sophisticated available in the industry. They determine what creatives are driving results with audiences, and automatically optimize campaigns in real-time.