Bidtellect Makes Video Simple

Bidtellect delivers access to in content video placements at unparalleled scale. Leveraging proprietary real-time optimization algorithms, multiple formats and pricing options. Offering brands a solution to reach your target audience within premium content they are consuming.

Context-Driven Video Solutions

Bidtellect’s video solution provides access to premium placements at unparalleled scale by leveraging proprietary, real-time optimization algorithms, across multiple formats and pricing options.

Our Context-Centric platform delivers engaging solutions so Brands can reach their audiences within the content they are consuming – efficiently.

Bidtellect’s Video Solution


Create Context and Drives Performance

Outstream ads can appear as a video that expands between paragraphs within an article, appears within a feed similar to a native ad, or displays vertically between content in a mobile app.

+9x Purchase Intent


Drive Awareness and Consideration

Instream is a video ad unit that plays inside of a preexisting video player. Instream ads can play before the video content (Pre-Roll), in the middle of the video content (Mid-Roll), or after the video content (Post-Roll).

+2x Brand Favorability

Why Video with Bidtellect?


Bidtellect’s Aardvark – Automatic, algorithmic bid modification provides the best value according to its goals, partnered with Bid Shading to minimize cost without sacrificing win rate


Access All of Bidtellect’s premium supply partners under one roof. Collectively leverage partners like Teads, TripleLift, ShareThrough, Taboola, Magnite DV and YieldMo


Feel secure when running video. Bidtellect partners with IAS and other brand safety partners to align your content with Brand Safe environments.


Bidtellect’s Video specific campaign goal types in addition to the standard available goals (Play Rate and Completion Rate)


Outstream, Instream, Vertical
6s, 15s, 30s

Video FAQs


  • Instream Sound Defaults On Play
  • Outstream Sounds Defaults Off On Play

Video Skippable

  • Instream can be skippable
  • Outstream is not skippable

Tags Accepted VAST/VPAID

3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4 and WMV (MP4 / H.264 is recommended) (16:9) 1920×1080, 1280×720, or 640×360

Vertical Video:
(9:16) Max: 1080 x 1920

VCR Benchmarks

  • 75% Instream
  • 80% Outstream

11 + 11 =