Bidtellect’s Dynamic Creative Platform is built to support the three most common Native ad formats, or what Bidtellect likes to call them, Content Previews.

Recommendation Widget

An advertisement or sponsored content (headlines, images,
video and/or text), which appears in-line with the publisher’s
recommended viewing content.


The most premium Native advertising placement, sponsored
content (headlines, images and/or text) which appears in-line
with a given publisher’s original content.


An advertisement which appears outside of the publisher’s
original content, inside a leaderboard, rectangle or skyscraper
ad space. Creative may mimic the look of the original content.

Our technology dynamically transforms your basic assets in real time into native creative to fit the form, function, and style of thousands of publishers. At Bidtellect, we think that a more appropriate name for a Native ad is a Content Preview because it isn’t an offer, it is a summary of valuable content that a consumer may be interested in.