Intellibid™: Bidtellect’s Proprietary Native Optimization Technology

Making the most intelligent decisions for your content distribution campaigns

We know advertiser budgets are valuable, so we make sure every dollar spent is optimized, eliminating waste

In its fourth generation, Bidtellect’s optimization technology leverages artificial intelligence, predictive modeling and big data to drive the best results:

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are applied to drive KPIs. We apply the most statistically significant historical data at the most granular level to new and untested inventory, resulting in less waste and more efficient delivery throughout the campaign.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive models incorporate a multitude of both supply and demand attributes, including but not limited to: publisher, site, placement, campaign, creative, device, page URL, user behavior etc.

Big Data

Through distributed computing and big data technologies, Bidtellect analyzes billions of real-time bidding data points to build predictive models based on historical campaign performance.

Behind the Scenes

Bidtellect applies the best of both worlds, world-class people and technology, to deliver real results for your Native campaigns. Check why Bidtellect is “Smarter Than The Rest”.

Transactions per Day

Decisions per Second

Possible Permutations

Marketers need to consider a lot of factors to ensure they are delivering the best content experience to their consumers. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Bidtellect’s algorithms make over 1MM decisions per second across the following parameters:


Dynamic creative optimization allows your campaigns to adapt to highest performing creative variation.


Predictive modeling eliminates inventory that hasn’t historically perform for a given goal or placement (above//below fold, ad-unit etc.)


Adapt to highest performing device throughout a campaign.

Content Rendering

Test multiple visual permutations for the same creative placement and identify the one that optimizes to your campaign KPI.

Goal Type Target

Algorithms are designed to drive effective bid price and performance towards a set goal or effective target rate.

Content Format Type

Adapt to highest performing ad type throughout a campaign.

Dynamic Bid Price

Our bidding algorithm will automatically lower or increase bid price to meet a given campaign KPI objective and compete with other bidders.

User Frequency

Understanding the amount of times a user sees an impression impacts the performance. The amount of times we serve an impression to the same user.

User Characteristics

Audience modeling based on historical online behavior and 1st party data ingestion.


Weights recent consumer behavior higher in the decisioning process than behavior observed historically.

Advertisers can optimize their Native Advertising and Content Distribution campaigns against a variety of objectives, including:


Time on Site




Bounce Rate


View Rate

Play Rate

Page Views


Engagement Score

“Bidtellect’s technology provides a unique Native platform that allows us to scale and learn from multiple ad formats and devices. We rely on their consistent performance for our clients due to their ability to scale and optimize to our KPI by content, ad format, and device type.”

But Wait!  There’s More…


Engagement Score

The truest measure of content marketing engagement success measures and optimizes toward post-click engagement metrics. Visit our Engagement Score page to learn more about it.

Advanced KPI Optimization

Optimize toward one or multiple campaign objectives and allocate budget accordingly throughout a campaign.


Pace to the standard auction curve of a given day with more traffic during primetime hours than early/late hours. Override those rules when there is the opportunity to buy the highest performing inventory. Strategies are also applied within day-parted flights.  Advertisers also have the ability to pace toward delivery or performance objectives.

Budget Fluidity

Multiple campaigns within an IO can compete for a shared budget based on their performance against a given KPI.

We know Native Optimization better than anyone. Our technology stems for the most advanced desktop optimization algorithms from We applied this sophistication to content distribution to take Native to the next level.

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