Bidtellect Makes Video Simple

Bidtellect wants to ensure complete transparency across our video formats so that you know exactly what you are buying across each supply partner and how that video unit behaves. 

Bidtellect supports 2 Types of Video Units:

Bidtellect Branded Video

Branded Video represents any video unit that is accompanied by additional copy or graphics such as a title, description or logo.

Bidtellect Outstream Video

Outstream Video represents any video unit that is not accompanied by additional copy or graphics such as a title, description or logo.

Bidtellect Video Behavior

The following video behaviors are supported:

Play out of View

Play out of View video continues to play once the user scrolls by the video.

Pause out of View

Pause out of View video will stop playing once the user scrolls past the video.

Both types of video can appear on the publishers page as In-Feed, In-Article / In Content and Within a Recommendation Widget

Video Definitions

All Bidtellect Video adheres to the following:

MRC standards of viewability at 50% of its content being on the screen for 2 consecutive seconds.

Video Play/Start:
A start is recorded when the first frame of the video is presented.

Video View:
A video view is recorded after 2 seconds of play.

All video starts with the sound off.

Completions are recorded once the video is seen in its full length or as determined by the advertiser timeframe.

“Bidtellect has quickly become a key strategic partner for us when delivering video content for our clients. Their optimization technology coupled with premium scale always delivers results against our clients’ KPIs. In addition, their world-class account services team consistently helps us identify challenges and create innovative solutions to ensure maximum ROI on every campaign. High-quality video has been a major challenge for the industry, but Bidtellect’s solution has proven to be extremely successful.”

-Sarah North, Empower MediaMarketing

Bidtellect Benefits

Mix and Match

Marketers can utilize all three formats in one advertising program.

Optimization Algorithms

Our proprietary optimization algorithms never stop working to make sure your campaign is performing against specific KPIs.

Performance Analysts

Our Performance Analysts allocate budget in real-time based on the highest performing format for each campaign.

Marketer's Needs

All three formats are VAST and VPAID compliant, offer multiple pricing options and cater to the various needs of marketers.

Don't Be Shy

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